Stella Noctisa

Stella Noctisa is her name. Named by the shining stars and the starry black night. She always thought she knew herself, but se didn't. Her parents are not her parents, her friends are not her friends and Stella is not Stella...

This is a story about Stella Noctisa, a girl who has something people think that's impossible.


1. Stella Noctisa

A little bit out of the city London ind England, Stella Noctisa is sitting on her tiny bed, writing in her diary. She look out of her window, and up to the bright stars.


Sometimes I felt like I could talk to the stars, like they understood me. To be honest, it sounded pretty impossible, but I belived in the impossible things.

The door opened, and a little man came into the room. The little man had a name, and that was Harrison Walther, he was the man who owned this orphanage I was on right now.  Actually this was my fourth time on a new orphanage, after my parents leaved me alone in this peculiar world.

"It's time for you to sleep now Stella Noctisa." Whispered Harrison. "Please, just call me Stella..." I was so tired of people always called me Stella Noctisa, they could just call me Stella.

Harrison left the room, and closed the door behind him. I lie in the bed, I was thinking about what was behind the shining stars, and then I felt asleep.

The next morning I came down to the breakfast, and I saw Luna, my best friend standing in the corner alone. "What's wronge Luna?" I looked on her, and looked straight into her dead eyes. Luna was blind, she has always been blind.

I've never like looking into her dead blind eyes, I felt like I should die everytime. But I still loved her so much, she was like a sister for me. I ran over to Luna, and asked her about she's okay. Luna cried "My eyes hurts so bad Stella..." "Don't say that Luna, I know you can handel it!" I looked at her, and gave her a big hug. "I willalways be here for you".

After breakfast, I took a little walk in the giant forest. The forest lies in front of the orphanage, it was called The star forest. When I took a walk in the forest at the midnight, I felt like all the stars was looking straight at me.

One day I walked in the forest, I saw a little white stone. No matter how far I walked away, it always looked at me like it wants me to take it. Time after time I just walked past it, and I never took it.  After over a week, and thestone still lie in the grass, I took it with me home to the orphanage, I placed it under my pillow, when i lie my head on the pillow, I just slept.

When the moon came forth and lighted through my window, the stone disappeared. It felt like the stone dug into my heart. It actually did that, and the stone is actually a star... 

I had the opportunity to move the stars after that night.





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