Downside Up

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  • Published: 10 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 10 Mar 2018
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A poem about stories and fairy-tales, but with a twist. My participation for the Challenging Gender Roles.
Do you still think you know the stories?


1. 1.

 What if Thumbelina was a little boy


and meets his heroine in chapter 10,


or maybe Cinderella man had better pumpkin plan?


Can you imagine Rapunzel with short hair and a mustache,


Robina Hood, the Sleeping Handsome, what a tale's collage!


What if your prince in shining armor is a princess in a tank


and tries to fight against bumble bees and charlatans!


Snow White is a pal who cooks to 7 dwarf-like girls who work in mines.


Another fairy universe with a lot of twists and pranks.


What if the ugly Beast is the enchanted Belle herself,


she will has to hate and love again no one but her own self.


That Puss in boots is a kitten on heels,


a wonder cat so witty and dear.


But Little Red Riding Hood is a girl of color, with curly hair,


in her grandma's house deep in the woods, you'll find her there.


And Harry Potter wears a dress-what a mess, what a mess!


The duckling is forever pretty and Pipi Longstocking is serious to death-


this is boring, right? So, read the last verse of the poem that is left.


Just imagine it and don't ask me why,


yes, times have changed, so all the stories and tales.


I'm kidding, it's just a little joke but perhaps you will agree


that my sense of humor /and look on literature/ is so wild and free!

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