Don't Leave Me.

Logan is struggling with depression. He is constantly bullied and is suicidal. His boyfriend, Peter, is oblivious to the bullying and thinks that everything is perfect. What happens when Logan makes a life changing decision that changes Peter's world forever.


2. Waiting for Forever

So I decided to update a day early because I'm feeling productive. Please comment and vote if you like what you see so far.

Peter was leaving swimming practice when he got a call from his Dad. "Hey Peter, where are you? I thought you said swim ended at 4?" He said, noticeably worried. Max had forgotten to tell his parents about the extra practice to get ready for State competition and now it seemed to be coming back to bite him in the ass. "Dad, I'm so sorry, starting today we are practicing til 5 for state. I thought I told you, but i guess it slipped my mind." He said, trying to cover his own ass. 

"It's fine, just please make sure you tell us things like this," Peter's father continued, "we were so worried that something happened to you. Your mom was visibly shaken." Peter felt horrible now. Making his dad mad was one thing, but making his mother upset, that was a whole different beast. He took a deep breath then said, "Oh, okay. Tell her I'm sorry and that I'll be home later tonight. Logan and I are studying for his test this Friday and I want to make sure he gets a good grade. "Be safe and make sure to use protection." Was all his dad told him as he hung up the phone. Peter shivered at the thought of his dad knowing about his sex life. He sat there in shock for a few moments before getting into his car and driving to his boyfriend's house. 

Upon arriving, Peter knocked on the door. Once Mr. Johnson answered, Peter smiled widely, "Hello Mr. Johnson, is Logan home?" Mr. Johnson looked at Peter confused. "Logan left about an hour ago. He said he was going for a run, but he should be back soon." Now it was Peter's turn to be confused. Logan knew about the study session and was really good at being to them on time. "Did he forget about our study session?" Peter asked confused, "We had talked about it a couple of times, even planning out when it would happen." 

Mr. Johnson thought about it for a moment and then lifted his shoulders, "I have no idea, but I'm sure he just wanted to clear his head." Peter smiled at that comment, knowing Logan liked to run to release any anxiety or stress from the day. What Peter didn't know is that Logan would pass the same bridge every single day, getting closer and closer to the ledge. "I'm going to go see if I can find him," Peter said, finally accepting that Logan had, at least, forgotten, "It's getting cold and I don't want him walking home, in the dark, alone." Logan's dad had smiled and wished him luck.

After about 30 minutes of driving around town, Peter went to the quiet side of town. It was less noisy and was definitely the better side of town to run. Peter slapped himself in the head for not thinking of that sooner. 5 more minutes passed before Peter pulled up to the bridge. He saw the crowd and the cops. Forgetting his objective for a moment, he decided to pull over. He left his car then asked a stranger nearby, "What happened?" 

The stranger looked at him then said, "A boy just jumped off of the bridge. It was insane. He was talking to another guy and then he just jumped, and the other boy jumped after him. Crazy fuck." Peter thanked the woman and tried getting closer, but the police officers only let him get so close. It was weird that they were blocking off that part of the bridge because everything looked fine. Nothing was out of place. 

Deciding it was best to just leave it, he drove some more to try and find Logan. After about an hour of looking everywhere he could think, Peter decided to give up and go home. He was upset that Logan just blew him off like that. Once at home, he walked upstairs, without saying a word to his parents, and went to bed. 


The next morning was the big day. They were announcing Prom court and Peter knew he had a shot of at least being on it. He sat up and looked at the clock. He yelled and jumped up at least a foot in the air when he realized he was 2 hours late to school. He rushed to get dressed, brushed his teeth, grabbed his book bag and ran  downstairs. "Peter, we need to talk." His mom said quietly. Peter looked at his parents as if he was crazy. He was 2 hours late to school and they needed to talk? He didn't have time. "Sorry, I'm late for school, I'll be back at 5, then we can talk, I love you guys, bye!" He said, rushing out the door before either of his parents could say a word. 

Arriving at school was weird. He knew he was a little late to school, but he didn't understand why everyone was staring at him. It was just a few hours. Before he could speak to any of his friends, an announcement came on the speakers. A few kids got excited, but mostly everyone stayed quiet.

"Hello to the amazing youth of Lakeshore High School. Today we have a few announcements. First of all, to start on a positive note, we have the 4 boys and 4 girls for prom king and queen. Ladies first so," Peter listen as all of the girls were called and smiled when his two friends Monica and Blake were nominated for prom queen, "And now for the boys, Max Randall," As Max's name was called, a few visible gasps could be heard. Now Peter was confused. Sure, Max wasn't the coolest guy in town, but was it really that much of a shock that he was on prom court? He was really active in the school, Peter thought to himself, "Daniel Thomson, Peter Samson, and Joshua Reid," Peter smiled again at the mention of his friend's name. He was ecstatic! Four people in his friend group had made up half of prom court. There was no way at least one of them wouldn't win. He was so excited about it. Then the princpal continued, "Now onto some more serious news. Two of our wonderful scholars were involved in a terrible accident yesterday evening. Max Randall was found in the river yesterday night, he is recovering from minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery." The principal stopped. Peter could here how sad he was and knew whoever else jumped off that bridge last night was a student. He knew that they would never come back to school. "Logan Johnson was also found at the riverbank last night. We will be having a memorial here at his locker, so if you have brought anything or want to bring anything to leave at his locker, you may." 
Peter laughed out loud. He knew this was some stupid joke that Logan made up. Logan tends to tease and pull pranks on him, so he figured this was one. "Okay, jokes over, that was funny. Almost got me. But seriously? How did you get the cops t-" Peter cut himself off. Thinking back to last night. The cops wouldn't have been there had it had been a prank. His parents wanted to talk to him this morning. When he walked into class everyone stared at him. Their eyes held such emotion. Sympathy. He realized that this wasn't a joke. That the prinicpal was telling the truth. Peter felt dizzy and make a move to get up, only to faint. 
Waking up in the nurse's office, Peter realized that it wasn't a dream. He didn't imagine it. His Logan was gone forever and there was nothing he could do about it. He got up and walked out of the nurse's office. Even after the nurse screamed at him to come back. He walked out of the school with a million thoughts flooding his mind. He could feel the tears spilling out of his eyes like a sing with a broken faucet. He felt like all of the air had been sucked out of his lungs. He felt his heart shattering into more and more pieces. He was hyperventilating so he did the only thing he could think of. He ran.

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