Don't Leave Me.

Logan is struggling with depression. He is constantly bullied and is suicidal. His boyfriend, Peter, is oblivious to the bullying and thinks that everything is perfect. What happens when Logan makes a life changing decision that changes Peter's world forever.


1. Goodbye

Peter smiled at his friends as they laughed about, acting like the idiots they were. They were discussing who was the better Spiderman was. "Hey Peter, who do you think was the better Spiderman?" His friend Monica asked. "I don't really care about that kind of stuff." He said laughing, "ill see you guys later, i have to go drop Logan off at home." He walked outside of the school building as the piercing bell rang moments before. He walked towards his car and dialled his boyfriend, Logan's, phone number. After a few moments, Logan picks up.
"Hey babe, where are you? I'm at my car." Peter said into the phone, looking around for his boyfriend. 
"I'm on my way. I had to go to my locker... my teacher gave me extra homework." He said quietly into the phone. Peter sat thinking about Logan. Him and the boy had been together since Logan's freshman year. A few minutes later, Peter saw Logan walking across the parking lot. "Hey babe," Peter said smiling, "how was your day?" Peter looked at Logan and noticed the knot on the side of his head. "What happened baby?" He asked in a frenzy, "Let me see if the nurse is still here, come on." 
"N-no!" Logan yelled, "I'm fine. I tripped and fell into a locker."
Peter looked at Logan skeptically. He knew that his boyfriend was clumsy, but Logan had been 'clumsy' quite frequently lately. He looked at Logan and decided he wouldn't question him further. If Logan was getting picked on, he surely would tell him. 
Logan had actually gotten hit in the head by one of the many kids in his grade that bullied him. See, Logan was in 10th grade, while Peter was a senior. He didn't want to trouble Peter with his issues and was glad when the senior dropped it. He knew Peter cared about him, but he also knew Peter wasn't the brightest bulb in the world. Peter was smart, but he wasn't the best at reading people. Logan knew Peter meant well, and he loved him with all of his heart, but he knew Peter would only make things worse. Logan didn't need the kids in his grade to think that he needed his boyfriend to fight his battles. He remembered the last time Peter got involved in his drama. 
Peter walked straight up to the JV football player and shoved him to the ground. "What the fuck is wrong with you? I'm telling the coach that you just punched him in the face." He yelled at the kid. "He's just a Faggot. It's not like anyone else cares," the kid said sneering at a young Logan, "He's so pathetic it's sad."
Peter could feel his blood boiling. He felt himself getting angrier and angrier by the second. The boy tirned around and spit on Logan. Peter snapped and tackled the kid to the ground. He might not have been a football player, but he was a varsity swimmer and knew a bit about fighting. It took 4 teachers to separate the 2 boys and after dealing with the principal, Peter stopped Logan and asked him, "Do you need a ride home?"
Since then they had been inseparable. They came out together at the end of that year. Logan's parents were a little awkward at first, but they knew that Peter cared about their son and eventually came to accept them both. Peter's parents were over the moon. They figured out that the two boys were together about a month into the boys' relationship, considering Peter never brought boys home... ever. 
After coming out, the two felt rejuvenated. Logan, for the first time in years, had been genuinely happy. He didn't have to fake a smile. He got everything he had ever wanted and the summer had been pure bliss. It wasn't until school let back in that he realized that his picture perfect world was about to cave in. He was a sophomore and Peter was a senior. After this year, Peter would go off to college and forget him. Logan would be stuck in a school, with people who didn't want him there. 
After dropping Logan off at home, Peter drove back to school, getting changed for swim practice. This year, Peter was captain of the swim team. He was so proud of himself. He didn't think he'd be able to become the captain, but after a vote, he had won. He smiled and walked out to the pool.
Meanwhile, Logan had been at cone contemplating. He knew what he was going to do, he just didn't know how. He was depressed and suicidal. He knew his parents loved him, he knew that his boyfriend and his boyfriend's parents loved him, but the only thing he could think of was the constant physical and verbal beatings. He could go online and vent on his social media, but he knows that it would just end in him being cyberbullied. He knew what he was found was selfish, but he wasn't thinking rationally. All he could think about was the sudden urge to not live. He should be happy. He had the boy of his dreams. He had supportive parents but his feelings were indescribable. He had finally decided. He walked down stairs and said, "Hey mom, I'll be right back. I have a lot going on at school and I need to clear my head." She looked up from the book she was reading and smiled saying, "Okay baby, just be back before sundown. You know I don't like you out after dark. I love you." He smiled at her then said, "I love you too" before leaving. He ran about 2 miles to the tallest bridge in town. He could feel his heart nearly beating out of his chest. He knew what he was doing wasn't temporary. He knew once he did it there was no going back. He took the large step onto the ledge of the bridge. He could feel the wind sway him back and forth. 
"Hey, are you okay?" He heard from behind him, "I'm Max." Logan knee that the boy was talking to him. He turned around and recognized the boy as one of the members of student council. "Oh, Logan is it?" He asked. Logan just simply shook his head yes and he looked down at the rushing water below him. The current could easily sweep him under. It could take weeks before his body was found. "You don't need to do this. Just come down and we'll talk. We could go somewhere and eat and talk." Max said making sure to keep eye contact with Logan. Logan was too busy thinking about his next few moves. "Tell my mom and dad that I'm sorry. It isn't their fault." Logan started. Max was confused at first then caught on. "Please Logan. Don't do this. Just talk to me. I'm not saying I can fix anything, but sometimes talking helps." 
"Tell Peter Samson that he was the perfect guy and I'm just too flawed. Tell him that I'm sorry and that I'll always love him." Logan continued, completely ignoring what Max was saying, "Max, if I wasn't 100 percent sure about this, I wouldn't have left my house. So please just tell them and go away." Logan was now crying. Max took another step closer. He was now about 3 feet away from Logan. He could see Logan shaking. There was now a few cars stopped by the bridge. People started getting our of their cars to see what was happening. "Goodbye."

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