DreamGirls: Deena's Story

We all know the story of the Dreams. We all know how Effie's change from Lead to back up singer almost destroyed her career....we know about Lorrell's love affair with Jimmy Thunder Early; who was also a married man. But what about Deena. The Star of the Dreams who also was once accused of stealing her best friends man; who was their manager. What really happened? Is Deena truly a innocent woman who got controlled by a man using her as his claim to fame? Or did she truly get consumed by fame and fortune? Did she trade in her Friend for the Flashing lights?


3. You dont Sing well




     It was 11:30 and Lorrell and I were still having trouble with the steps. Cee Cee was patient but still this had to look good. And we just couldn't get the timings right. Cee Cee went

    "okay now try to focus...one two three....move move...your stepping on my stttttlyle.....I wanna breathe for a while.

  Wait wait....Lorrell...make sure you in sync with Deena okay. Don't move so fast."

    Lorrell whined..."Cee Cee I'm trying my best. But I rehearse better with all of us. when's Effie getting off?"

     Cee Cee shrugged "idk ...okay idk but she is singing lead and wont be doing most of what ya doing. She can improvise and just work the crowd. But you two got to shine. And Deena...project a little more okay...I only hear lorrell."

    "I'm trying my best at it. But I don't sing the way Lorrell and Effie do....but I'll try to focus."

   "that's all I ask...alright lets try again." Suddenly the phone ring and Cee Cee answered.

   "Whites Residence.....yes...yes she hear....okay i'll tell to come now. Alright. Good night ms Jones" He hung and my heart dropped when he said Ms Jones. I hoped my mom would stay sleep....guess my luck ran out tonight. Cee Cee looked at me as if thinking to ask why I didn't tell her where I was. But he knew my mother like anyone else. So I grabbed my bag and said

   "I see you guys tomorrow....night." And I quickly rushed out the apartment and rushed across the lot to my apartment. As I enter I immediately froze. my momma was in her night clothes...sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette. She took a puff and pointed at me.

    "Now you know I don't like you out all times of the night....why was you at Effie house this late Deena?"

 I bowed my head down an answered "We was practicing some songs for the group. I lost track of time...I'm sorry."  She took another puff; blew smoke out through her nose and stared at me. Her eyes like daggers digging into my heart.

      "Singing....and you lost track of time....you think I'm a fool don't you? I know you like that Cee Cee boy."

    "Mama no."

   "Don't mama me girl. And this singing business....this so called singing group thing. Yeah it ends tonight you got college to think about do you understand?"

   I was speechless...why would mom think I liked Effie's brother? He was like a brother to me...now I wasn't sure how he saw me...but he has always treated me like a lady and with respect. But I didn't bother bringing that up. My only thought was music...and the show tomorrow. And whether or not I should bring it up.

 "Momma...ive always respected your rules and I'm sorry...but I love music...I don't want to be a teacher. I know you love teaching and education is important...but...I just want something else."

       "You want something else? A pipe dream...empty promises and a road to know is that what you want. To sing back up behind Effie white? Live in her shadow..why she rocks the crowd? hmm how come you guys don't take turns singing lead?"

  She was making me mad...but I didn't dare defy her...I was surprised I spoke at all. but then the words she said next cut me like a knife. She laughed took a puff of her ciggerette and said.
   "Baby...you don't really sing that well to begin with. I know that hurts but its the truth you aren't bad but you are no Etta James baby...not close....so focus on your future. Go to college. If not to be a teacher...then something else. But music....hmmm" She put out her ciggerette in the ash tray by the coffee table. " Singing is not for you Deena.......now....off to bed." And she walked into her room and I walked to mine. And as I closed the door the tears swelled up in my eyes...and my heart sank lower and lower into my stomach....I leaned against the door just hearing "you cant sing.....you cant sing" play over and over again in my head.

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