DreamGirls: Deena's Story

We all know the story of the Dreams. We all know how Effie's change from Lead to back up singer almost destroyed her career....we know about Lorrell's love affair with Jimmy Thunder Early; who was also a married man. But what about Deena. The Star of the Dreams who also was once accused of stealing her best friends man; who was their manager. What really happened? Is Deena truly a innocent woman who got controlled by a man using her as his claim to fame? Or did she truly get consumed by fame and fortune? Did she trade in her Friend for the Flashing lights?


4. Time to Shine...ready or not



         I cried myself to sleep that night. If there was anybody in the world that could make me question my existence it was my mother. I had always listen to her when it came to what to do in my life. And throughout that time I had never had a boyfriend, never even gone a date outside of hanging out with Cee Cee. And that don't count cause Effie was there that time at the movies. I never skipped a class, I never even kissed a boy. I stayed to myself at the expense of seeming stuck up and unapproachable. If I had never met Effie and Lorrell I would have no social life at all. Just a little shut in dreaming of having a life. Under the time supervision of my mother

     I knew she loved me...but she was loving me to death...and as I slept that night I dreamt of the stage. Effie, Lorrell and I were all dressed in silver gowns with sparkles all over shimmering in the light...while fans adored us. I wasn't self conscious of my body...I wasn't scared to sing as strong as I possibly could..and the fans cheered and the camera's flashed. We were living the dream....we were the DREAMMETTES. And when I woke up that day...I knew then that I wasn't going to Northwestern. I didn't know what the future held but I knew what it didn't; and that was me. Teaching snotty nose brats for the rest of my life. And that morning I did as I normally would. I cleaned my room, wash the dishes, cleaned up the living room, did my laundry and by 7 my mom was off to bed. she had an early morning. And I had a contest to win. So as soon as I heard the light snores coming from her bedroom...I grabbed our bag of clothes and rushed over to Effie and Cee Cee's. I could worry about whether I be punished or not by the time I got back. All that mattered now was being ready for the show. And hoped all would come together this was it in my mind. Do or die.

   I rushed over to Effie's apartment and rang there bell. Wild eyed Lorrell said "Girl good your here and we are late!" She pulled me in and pulled my shruchy out my head. My hair cascaded down my shoulders and roughly and fast Lorrell brushed and pinned my hair down in a circle. Then she place a wig on my head and said "Okay done."

      I looked in the mirror and I almost cringed when I saw the wig that was on my head. Lorrell saw my disappointment and said "Girl beggers cant be choosey" While she worked her wig onto her head. Then started changing into the dress from my bag. I did the same and soon we looked at each other and said "Oh god" I could tell she didn't like the orange dresses I picked out...but it was the only one that came in all sizes and actually was uniform. I didn't like it either...but I wasn't in the mood to complain. 

    "Just put on your shoes and lets go. Where is Cee Cee with the music? And Effie?" I shouted.

Cee Cee then came out and said "I'm here Deena going to get Effie now. Pops letting us borrow the car so lets go." So we speed off into the summer night and stop at Effie's job. Thankfully she had finished as we pulled up and she was forced to change in the back seat of the car bumping Lorrell every two seconds. Glad I was in the front. Lorrell kept shouting...."Yo watch my wig before you knock it off my head."

   Effie now dressed was letting Lorrell set her hair to place her wig on. She snorted annoyed.

   "huh! You almost knocked off my wig...Why! do we have to wear wigs in the first place?' I mumbled softly 

  "Because we need a look."

   "and these Dresses...Deena really? You supposed to be the fashionista of the group...Girl! This dress does nothing for my body." Lorrell finsh pinning her wig and said 

   "Effie? You got the same wig I got?"


  "you got the same dress I got?"


  "Then shhhuuut uppp." And turned around to look out the window.

  I just sat there quietly...I knew the dresses weren't the best...but it was the best I could at last min. She didn't have to say it like that. But maybe she was nervous like the rest of us.

     An hour late yet we finally made over to the Detroit theater. I rushed in ahead of everyone and quickly moved back stage and saw a man in black suit. He had a new Yorker perm and very nice dress shoes. This has to be the show director. So without thinking twice I explained to him.

      "Excuse Mr...."

  His eyes widened as he turned to me wondering where I came from and he smiled and said

     "Taylor....Curtis Taylor Jr."

   "Well I'm sorry we're late. But my momma works on week nights. So I had to wait for her to go to bed. she is a grade school teacher...."

      As He shook his head confused and dumbfounded a loud booming voice came from behind and shouted

  "Who are you!"

  I turned around to see a short man with a clip board grilling me down...and I said oh my lord who was I talking to. If this is the director. I didn't care I just told him I'm one of the dreammettes and he dryly said "you were supposed to go second the shows over." 

   "No mr please...I'm sorry we're late but we need to go up there tonight!"

He wasn't havn't it but then Curtis started mumbling something to the director that I couldn't really hear...but then they both turned to me and said...okay you go on last after Tiny joe Dickson."

     I was so happy and I looked over to Curtis and said

  "Thank you Curtis...I mean mr Taylor. No problem just hope your good."

  "We are!" I said with a smile and ran over to Effie and Lorrell. I told them all was good we go on last....lets go to the dressing area to practice. And as we walked in the back I noticed Cee Cee was shaking hands with Mr Taylor. Do they know each other? I couldn't worry about that now. We had to warm up.

   Soon Cee Cee came in and said "Girls this is my boss from the Car company...he is here to check out talent."

   Oh so they do know each other. We waved and said hi...and soon it was our turn to go up. Effie was complaining "This dress....no...this dress...." Then Curtis said "Ms...I think you look more then good you look great." Her frown turned to a flirty smirk and she shimmy and switched all the way out the door. Once I saw that look in her eyes...I new we would kill........Give it up for the........Pre Mettes!

   "its the Dreammettes.....the Dreammettes!"

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