DreamGirls: Deena's Story

We all know the story of the Dreams. We all know how Effie's change from Lead to back up singer almost destroyed her career....we know about Lorrell's love affair with Jimmy Thunder Early; who was also a married man. But what about Deena. The Star of the Dreams who also was once accused of stealing her best friends man; who was their manager. What really happened? Is Deena truly a innocent woman who got controlled by a man using her as his claim to fame? Or did she truly get consumed by fame and fortune? Did she trade in her Friend for the Flashing lights?


2. Diner Meeting

       "Deena what's up girl? You been sitting here at this table for 30 mins now drinking that float. Its empty girl! 

Effie glared at me as she wiped my table for the tenth time since I been there. Trying look busy I guess...She went saying

    "Girl I'm busy so if you got something to say; say before my boss come over here now!"  I threw up my hands

  "Okay Effie. Okay...I was stalling cause I was waiting for Rell to get here. But since she aint I got to ask you. What we doing? huh? What we doing with our lives; our music career. Cant be bussing tables if we want to make this music happen."

    "Deena...I love you. And I love singing...more then you will ever begin to understand. But I aint you...I don't have no scholarship to North Western University in front of me. And Cee cee and I been working ever since my daddy got hurt on the job. Now I want to do music more just as much as  you. But Honey Singing aint paying the bills right now."

  I groaned "Oh god you sound like my mother!"

  "Well your mother is right about somethings sister." she snapped.

 Damn I thought...I knew Effie was right. With music gigs literally only coming once a blue moon singing definitely wasn't putting food on any of our tables. But at the rate we were going we would fizzle out if we didn't hustle for our break. I placed my hand on Effie's hand.

     "I know there is no money in it now. But Effie we work so hard for this. 6 years of singing everyday all over the city; at every party we could find. Me sneaking out whenever I could at all hours of the night. I love music just like you do. But I fear if we don't do something not. At the rate we going...the dreammetes will be a thing of the past."

  Effie shot me a look of fear. And I could tell my words hit hard on her. They rang true. None of us wanted the dreams to end. Soon our thoughts were stalled by the shouts of Lorrell shouting "Guys Guys" She rushed over at the table and sat down across from me and said

   "Deena I know I'm late before you start. here me out. Remember that cute boy I saw at the record store. The one who always said My eyes sparkled like the moon and sun combined."

   Effie rolled her eyes "Yeah...what does he have to do with nothing?"

  "Yeah" I chimed in "And is he the reason you late. You had us waiting here on you over some boy?"

   "Not just any boy. THE boy...who loves our songs...and works back stage at the DETROIT THEATER! And he got our names on the list to perform for their talent contest!"

    We squeeled and shouted loud to the pointed Effie manager grilled her. We quickly got ourselves together and I whispered. "Oh my god...this is fate! We just was speaking about changing our situation and this could be it." 

    Lorrrell smiled  "mmhmm and the winner gets to perform their songs their for one week and get a 500 dollar cash prize." We all went ooooooo....Effie said

   "Now that's what I need to hear so uh when do we go on?"

 Lorrell looked down and couched "tomorrow night"

   "Tomorrow!" We shouted.

   "That's too last min Lorrell I cant just call out work." Effie replied. Her boss glared at her again. She pulled out her notepad and said "Order something now."

    Lorrell said "Oh two cokes...and a fry." 

 Effie scribbled and said " be back and have a plan by that time please." She walked off and I looked at Lorrell. We had the opportunity of a lifetime but only a day to get it together. I took one more pitful sip of the empty float and said "Hey...don't your shop have wigs? Ask your aunt if we can borrow three...I'll go to the thrift store and find some matching outfits for us to wear."

  "I can ask...if not I'm going to have to do our hair. Okay but what about a song?....Oh oh how about Move that new one Cee Cee wrote....you know...move move...move right out of my life."

     I squeeled "Yes that's perfect....in fact let me go to the thrift store now before it close. And we'll all meet up with Cee Cee at Effie house." I rushed up and was about to head out. When Lorrell said

       "Wait Deena what about your mom? Think she'll let you do it?" I looked her and my veins went cold. I totally forgot about my mom...she is all gung ho about college for me. No way she want me too....but I smiled and said.."Heh...ive snuck out before..." and I rushed out the door with fire in my eyes. Yet I was scared to death. This was the Detroit theater not some school talent show...this was the big leagues. What if we couldn't pull it together in time? What if despite our efforts we don't win? I thought. No! No....we have to...this is a sign that this is what we were made to do. This...is our Moment.

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