Thousands of meter below the surface of an earth, there exists the most heavily guarded prison. Not only does it torture the prisoners both mentally and physically, it does continues until the prisoners have completed their outrageous sentence, meaning that there won't be dying in the midway of the sentence. Here is the story of one particular prisoner.


1. Introduction: The Hidden Ecosystem


The Hidden Ecosystem

"Repent for your sins", "You rip what you sow", "Sympathy doesn't live for the likes of you", "Do not think we will allow death", "No one will be as idiotic as to lend their hands for you", "How pathetic", "I can't believe what you have done to us", "Have you been doing great? It's nice to see you inside here. After all, none of us won't allow you to see the light of the day, you see."

Small fragments of memories, in a form of a short films, kept ringing inside of my head. Today had supposedly been the last day of my imprisonment sentence, but I couldn't help but to be warned by these agonizing experiences. It wasn't as if I had murdered a person, but it seems that I had been treated as if I wasn't a human in this facility. As soon as I leave, I need to find her. The person whom I was more than willing to take this consequences in exchange for mercy on her.

"How long has it been?" A loud, clear voice vibrated down from the hallway that was next to me.

"My 'dear' brother, shouldn't you be the one to track the time?" I growled at the sight of my brother, Tobias Klaus.

"Be tranquil, my 'precious' brother, Jean Klaus," Tobias easily countered the threat.

"Since it has been the tenth time that you have visited this facility, this must've meant that the time had already come, right?" In the midst of anger, I managed to make myself calm enough to demand him for an answer.

"Certainly," Tobias confirmed.

"Now that my sentence had ended, tell me where Maya is!" I shouted.

"Do you still have an emotional attachment toward that beast?"  Tobias narrowed his eyes in disgust.

"Do not dare to call her as a beast!" I outraged the moment he spoke to her with contempt.

"What human dares to do what she had done?" Tobias began to move toward me a step by step.

"What could she have done? She had no choice!" My voice trembled a bit as I began to recollect that day.

"We could have provided her with sympathy as long as her fang bit the those who have harassed her, but the moment she bit the innocents, we had to consent depriving of her freedom and comfort for the purpose of compensating for her actions," Tobias concluded.

"Shut up! What can a selfish narcissist like you understand what it is like to be us? I bet you have been all alone by yourself for the past decade!" I tried my best to turn my attention from the subject and mock him instead.

"You haven't paid attention to my ring finger, haven't you?" Tobias took his jet-black gloves off, showing his platinum ring with a someone's name engraved on it.

"If time makes someone as machine-like as you to be this romantic, then won't it be able to make someone as sinful as Maya to be innocent?" I didn't have any more argument against him, so I decided to change the flow of the conversation.

"You never learn, don't you?" Tobias revealed an expression of disgust as if he had been looking down on a pathetic parasite.

"What do you mean?" I was honestly flabbergasted.

"Let me introduce myself," Tobias removed his black-haired wig and a blue-eyed contacts.

"Who are you?" I became confused by the identity of the person who had been standing in front of me.

"I am August Klaus, the great-grandson of Tobias Klaus," August formally introduced himself.

"Great-grandson? That can't be happening within decades... How much time had really passed?" My breathing became irregular, my heartbeat became faster, and my eyes became unstable.

"A century," August replied.

"w...What? This wasn't part of the promise..." I tried to argue for the unjust circumstance, but...

"Don't you remember the sentence that had been trialed onto you?" August gave a hint.

"A minimum of ten years and the maximum of hundred years?" I finally understood.

"Every decade, a representative from our family had come to check whether or not if your perspective had yet to be changed," August explained.

"You had nine offers, but you have refused all of them."

"Nine offers? This is the first time!?" I couldn't understand why he had said these words to me, but as soon as I remembered the words that rang onto my head, everything came to an understanding.

"We erased your memories every ten years in order to maximize the agony of your sentence," August leaked out the secret.

"It was done by the order of my great-grandfather, Tobias."

"Why must we be the star-crossed lovers?" My eyes slowly became moist.

"You aren't Romeo and that criminal isn't Juliet either," August spoke in a frustrated tone.

"Romeo and Juliet achieved harmony through death, but you achieved it through massacre."

"?" I wondered what that word had meant for me.

"Are you wondering about the 'you achieved it' part?" August began to speak in a sarcastic voice.

"Due to the war that you have caused, we were able to persuade both humanity and alimanity the dangers of those who desire 'survival of the fittest'. Humanity and alimanity aren't as ignorant as to disagree in such times. The existence of common enemies have brought us together," August slowly headed toward the exit.

"You may exit at any time, but know that your body will not be immune to illnesses. Your body had depended on the philosopher's stone to the point where it relies on the stone to function your body."

As soon as August left the room, I couldn't help but to feel powerless against Tobias and his bloodlines. The person whom I found to be most despicable was no other than Tobias, but now that he had passed away peacefully under his family's watch, there wasn't a clear answer to what I could do now.

Take the revenge on his blood relatives?

No, before mentioning the unlikeliness of this plan, they are also my relatives...

Start a new life?

No, I can't get over Maya. Never.

Escape with her and live somewhere isolated? the only option I can possibly accept.





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