Thousands of meter below the surface of an earth, there exists the most heavily guarded prison. Not only does it torture the prisoners both mentally and physically, it does continues until the prisoners have completed their outrageous sentence, meaning that there won't be dying in the midway of the sentence. Here is the story of one particular prisoner.


4. First Chapter: When Truth Betrays You


When Truth Betrays You


Something glowed over my face as these words began to play out in the background. I tried to move my body, but no response was to be given. 

"How is he?"

It was a voice of whom I have never met before.

"No consciousness whatsoever"

​It was definitely one of my parents, but the blurred sense of sound couldn't let me figure out whose voice it was from.

"At first, I thought that Alice and Catherine were the only ones who were gifted with talent, but it seems that the younger brother had acquired his talent by intense strength..."

I couldn't understand a bit of what they were trying to say... What is this? Talent? Are they trying to tell me that we share something common with those human weapons?

"We should..."

Anything after these few words were inaudible. I wasn't able to regain my consciousness until several days have passed since when I was found in the basement. If the conversation that I heard wasn't delusion, then I should be with my parents right now, but they are nowhere to be seen. Not a single trace nor not a single witness could be found about them. In the middle of the concrete remnants, with bandages over my head and torso, I was found to be directionless in the survivor's camp. Nothing came to my head as I realized that Jean wasn't with me either. I started to believe that my supposedly "dream" was genuine. 

"What happened to you?" This voice had been from a girl who seemed to be in similar conditions as me, abandoned recently. Her unusually tranquil violet eyes and vibrant almond hair paired with her own natural beauty drew attention from many of those who were in the camp. To be honest, I have no clue why she had come to ask me.

"One of the 'magicians' burnt a portion of my shoulder with a lightning..." My response was unusually startling. 

"You do share quite a lot of similarity with me," She suddenly sat down next to me. I..wasn't sure how to respond to this sudden development.

"Such as?" I couldn't understand why I said that, but I received more than satisfactory response.

"Are you related to the magicians?" Her question made me recollect the "dream" I had. I wasn't sure how she had determined that, but it was almost certain that she had better knowledge of what had been happening. So, I decided to tell her the entire story.

"Is that so?" Her reaction to my story seem to be as if it had been related to her.

"What happened to you?" I asked a similar question.

"Nothing more indifferent to yours," She answered it with a depressing smile as if she had been expressing sympathy for our circumstances.

Now that the conversation had reached its end, I had something that I wanted to ask her from the very beginning.

"What is your name?"

In response to that question, the two of us answered it at the same time.

"My name is Tobias." 

"Its Anna." 

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