Thousands of meter below the surface of an earth, there exists the most heavily guarded prison. Not only does it torture the prisoners both mentally and physically, it does continues until the prisoners have completed their outrageous sentence, meaning that there won't be dying in the midway of the sentence. Here is the story of one particular prisoner.


5. First Chapter: When There is the Enemy of the Enemy


When There is the Enemy of the Enemy

About six month have passed since there had been a large-scale skirmish by the "magicians". Some chose to relocate themselves in a local town while some decided to live in the survivor camps. More people could have reached safety if there had been more vehicles available. Most of the transportation has been used to transport patients whose life were gravely endangered. The some who relocated themselves moved on by foot and it was mostly adults who have decided to take the risk of walking several dozens of miles without presence of much food. 

The entire city was in ruins; it was dysfunctional. All we could do was to scrap as much edible food in grocery stores and bring them to the camp for it to be distributed equally to all. Of course, sometimes, there were those who wanted them to receive more food than the other, causing brawls and conflict in result. It was fortunate enough that there was some armed soldiers who were stationed here to manage the public safety. If it wasn't for them, this place would be scourged by crimes.

"I brought some canned food," I handed my findings to the first soldier I found in the shelter.

"Thank you for your help," The soldier gladly received the food.

"There is a place that I want to go..." I began to explain him about the place where the magicians left their items.

"You know that there isn't anything left there anymore? Not to mention how dangerous it is for you to go alone..." The soldier couldn't agree with idea of sending a nine-year old into such place.

"I see..." I didn't feel like discussing this any further.

"Wait!" He seems to have realized something.

"?" I stopped walking toward the shelter.

"We haven't retrieved the books in that building. We won't be able to take you into that building, but we might be able to show you what we have found," He offered me a reasonable deal.

"Thank you!" I left as soon as I showed my gratitude.

<Few Days Later>

"Instead of showing you the original, all I can do for you is the copy of the scanned files in this drive," He handed me an ordinary looking USB.

"Why were you willing to help me this far?" I asked.

"You were about my son's age. He was also full of curiosity like you," He replied.

"My name is Mark Wells, remember that!"

Since it was stored on a USB drive, the first thing that I needed to do was to find an electronic store to get a possession of a laptop. It wasn't very far from here, so it wasn't a problem. However, I wasn't sure whether or not there had been any electronics left there. It wasn't like currency and valuable items mattered to us as of right now, but there is a chance that some people might have swept them off as we were hiding in our homes.

Luckily, there were some that had been unharmed. I inserted the USB drive and opened the folder. Inside of it, there were at least dozens of books that had been scanned down to several PDF file. Most of them were written in foreign language, and since there was no internet, I couldn't use the translator. However, the one that I was most interested about was the one with the various symbols. It was easier to understand the meaning of a symbol than a foreign language. It hand't taken me a long time to understand what the most basic symbols were. I was unusually good with memorization and comprehension. 


I noticed that some of the symbols could be arranged into a periodic table. What had been written in this book was as if it had been a guide to perform something. I drew one of the complete symbols in the floor but it did not do anything. I knew that nothing was going to happen just because I wrote something down to the ground, but....


I remembered that the "magician" had something in his hand that charged the sparks. I immediately ran out to our, no, my former home to look out for that thing. As expected, the magician's corpse had been cleared out already. There wasn't anything in the hallway except for.... a dust? It was a dust glistening in crimson that was left in the floor. Bringing a random dust in the middle of the hallway may sound mad, but what is the point in believing in common sense when such thing as a magic exist? I hurried back to the electronics store and prepared everything that I needed to do as the book says.

The symbol were somewhat equivalent to that of an equation and a direction. Equation meant that I needed to know the basic theories or background information about what I am doing and a direction means that I need to know what I am willing to do with it. The reason why it is necessary to draw this symbols down was because our imagination isn't as vivid. Symbols were basically summarized codes to execute the process. 

Now that everything has set, the only thing that is needed for right now was the energy source. We may have a direction and the mechanism behind it, but without the source of energy, nothing will work. As soon as I dropped enough dusts, small sparks guided the concrete body of the floor to form the shape of a triangular pyramid. This, depending on the usage, could be used to counter the magicians. 

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