Thousands of meter below the surface of an earth, there exists the most heavily guarded prison. Not only does it torture the prisoners both mentally and physically, it does continues until the prisoners have completed their outrageous sentence, meaning that there won't be dying in the midway of the sentence. Here is the story of one particular prisoner.


3. First Chapter: When Fantasy Was No Longer a Dream


When Fantasy Was No Longer a Dream

If I were to classify a fantasy into two categories, then it would be the ordinary fantasy and the dark fantasy. The ordinary fantasy is where the adventure and dreams reside while the dark fantasy would be where survival and reality crawl. However, since we are living in a reality, the chance of our fantasy being an ordinary fantasy is highly unlikely. After all, what can you expect from the world where fireball causes knock-back instead of severe burn and where heavy swords do not take account to the user's own weight. Anyhow, these thoughts were brought to my attention when the news reporter boldly announced that these group of terrorists by the name of the Magicians were causing large-scale genocide in the urban area.

At first, I thought that these terrorist were bunch of drug abusers who drove trucks into the urban roads. To be honest, who names their group a magician? Our city was at the opposite side of the country where the event had taken the place, so most of my acquaintance weren't bothered by it. However, people started to be worried about the terrorists when they have learnt that their advancement had yet to be extinguished. Most of my friends either thought that this was a conspiracy or that this was an actual thing. The moment when the matter truly came to emergency was when the first casualty had occurred a town less than a dozen miles away. Some of us responded by purchasing all of the food supplies and staying inside of the house while some purchased the airline ticket out to foreign nation. Then...

<This is not a drill. I repeat. This is not a drill. The terrorists have arrived to the nearby town. Please prepare yourself to...>

It was the winter vacation, if I am correct. Anyhow, our parents and infant sisters were at their hometown at foreign country. In the house, it was me, my brother, and my uncle who lived in the house. We brought down as much food and water supply as we can collect and scraped all of the necessary items in the basement. All we could do was to wait until the situation as been cleared. 

"*@*#!@#!  @!@#!!?@# !@(#!(@ @#!@#! (@(!@?"

We heard a conversation above the basement. At first, we thought that the people above were the scavengers or those who did not have a shelter to protect themselves. However, when we have heard the explosion enough to torn our eardrums, it was clear that whoever above the basement is a terrorist. In the middle of the explosion, our uncle seemed to be rather calm, no, it was as if he had already been determining to do something. While we were startling in fear, he approached us and told his final words before he left the basement.

"Whatever you do, don't come out!"

When the door was finally shut, I knew that there was nothing we could do and how unrealistic everything was. However, it seems that my brother had a different perspective.

"We need to help uncle!" My brother incessantly blurted out these words.

I kept telling him that there wasn't anything that we could do, but he didn't feel like listening to the reality, so he headed out to where fantasy was. 

"I told you not to-" 

What we saw that day was our uncle fighting against the strangely-robed man with blue sparks in his hand. As soon as uncle responded to my brother's sudden appearance, the magician formed a lightning lance and penetrated it through uncle's heart. At that spot, my brother couldn't do anything but to shiver in the middle of the danger, hoping that someone would come to save him. I could have been safe by staying inside of the basement, but my body reacted before I could think about the consequence. I knew better than anyone that doing something as reckless a this was nothing more than a double suicide, but at the same time, I knew that crying for help won't do anything. 

As soon as the magician was preparing for the secondary attack, I threw the lightweight metallic bottle toward him and sprinted as fast as I can toward my brother. Since he wasn't far away from the stairs, I tried to push him inside of the door, but his body didn't move as easily as I thought. The magician became somewhat frustrated and and shot a weakened electricity toward us. If it had hit my brother, then he would have been shot on the head, so I had to block it with my back. Luckily, the shot landed near my shoulder and we were able to survive until the soldiers arrived to the house. I lost consciousness afterwords and I was in the hospital when I finally woke up. 


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