This is the story of... Oubli.. (oubli is French for oblivion. don't hit me plz.) Oubli is where everything grows and never dies.. There are mystical creatures and so much to explore. The creator of Oubli searches for someone the need to save, finds them, then gets there help to defeat a beast who lives in a dead, cold place called, "The Out There".


1. Welcome to Oubli

This is the story of Oubli..

Oubli is a mystical world where flowers bloom everyday and never die.

Cherry blossoms falling from cherry trees... breezes whooshing through their leaves.

Birds sing you beautiful melodies everyday. If someone entered Oubli, they would always

​be greeted by many animals and creatures.

Of course, there is a dark side of  Oubli.

It is called, "The Out There". It is cold and covered in snow. Barely any

trees or plants are there. Many many monsters live there. They are very hostile.. but there is

one that is unbeatable... the Anikito.

He has four legs, five heads, many powers and companions and more.

No one has beaten him. NO ONE. He lives far out in The Out There in a broken down castle tower.

He is planning to take over Oubli... but the keeper of Oubli will not tolerate that.


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