The Killer

It is about a great killer that has left the big prison


1. The Great Prison

        The day was very shiny, I was about to go home for the first time in years yes I did some bad things. Let's just be clear I did not go home just yet. Not yet at all but the only thing I had to get out the great prison. Next to me was my very best friend. I ask him to make me a key that can fit in the jail cell lock. We and my gang call him the origami.

He makes all kinds of stuff like mostly keys and big keys for bigger doors. And he said sure I will make you one just wait I said sure I can wait for a little and not tell anybody about this ok. He said ok too and begin working on the key.

just so you know it was a cop walking around checking up on us with eyes that are not supposed to shut at all. And I think he is doing a pretty good job on it so far. I said hurry up man we are going to be in trouble, I don,t want to be in this cell any longer. I am glad the cop was gone after he was checking up on us. Then he was done with the key.

He slid it under his under his jail cell next to me when I got the key, I quickly put it in the key slot and turned it very slowly and I pop the lock an easily broken free. I walked out of my jail cell very carefully and quietly it worked when I was getting ready to let my partner free the guard turned back around. I was very scared trying to help him get free but also not scared at the same time. I told him to run and follow me then we sprinted outdoors also we tried not to trip on anything like big rocks, of course, we headed to the quite wood, we made it, that was getting past pain, we could still hear the loud noises from the prison and the loud alarm, And we kept going.


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