Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


2. Book Two: Chapter Two: Battle Royal Arc: Aaron vs. Mariah

Now at school, the upperclassmen are having a grand royal. Boys vs. Girls. "This is war. Violence is in war. So who is next? Ami replied with excitement. 

 The next day when Natasha arrived at school Keenan and the boys made a bet that the girls would lose to them if they had a "Battle Royale". Natasha ran over and asked, " What are you talking about?" What was that? " The boys would win against us". Is that so? Natasha asked. What the hell are you going on about now? Kaori asked. Those boys think girls will lose. Sam replied. Whatever I won't lose to the like of them. Ami replied. The girls walked off to class. What the hell is their damn problem? Kaori replied. Calm down Kaori we will beat their asses no problem. Ami replied. Stop don't let them provoke you. Nanami replied. The class is in session. Mrs. Hinata replied. Hey, don't let the boys get to you? Aoi replied. You are right. Mariah replied. Auh hi, Mariah. Aaron replied. Aaron, are you ok your blushing? Mika asked. You know he has feelings for her right. Keenan replied. Hey what when are you going to confess your love for her? James asked. Hi Aaron. Mariah replied. Anyways, I planned out who is fighting who. Aaron you're going to fight Mariah in this battle. Keenan replied. What the hell do you mean? Aaron replied. She would break him in half. James replied in fear. What do you mean? Keenan replied. Oh... you're still fighting her. Keenan replied. Keenan that's like throwing him to the tiger's man. James replied. You meant "throwing him to the lions"? Sam asked. The line up is final. Keenan replied. 

  What the hell is going on? Aaron asked. Wow, you are going to be fighting the girls of your dreams. I hope you know the lines to apologize at the end of the fight. Sam replied. It looks like we're fighting against each other Aaron. Mariah replied. Yeah, I am. Aaron replied. I won't be mad at you, just don't go easy on me alright. Mariah replied. As Mariah said that, he felt worst but also got encouragement in a way. Wow, she is giving you the permission to hit her. James replied. I wonder who I am fighting? Aoi replied. You will be fighting Nanami. James replied. So you are up against that Amazon? Takeru asked.

As the announcer starts, they call everyone by their first names and they started to battle. Here comes our Fashionista, Mariah Maruya is about to throw down with Aaron Himaya. Wait aren't you going to root for your brother? Yumi asked. Well, I really have no interest, to be honest, I warned him beforehand about Mariah. She will make him beg for mercy. Sam replied. How dare you say that I will not hurt that much. Mariah yelled. Well, can I ask mom about that plan you are on? Sam asked. You are so evil. Aaron replied. I wouldn't look away, Mariah punches hurt like hell. Makes you wonder what her true gender is? Sam replied. How dare you say that I am a girl. Mariah replied. Alright, let the fight begin! Coach yelled. Mariah disappeared. Aaron looked from side to side wonder where she went.

Mariah appeared in front of him and punched him in the stomach. Aaron cowered over. Don't tell me that was all you have? Mariah asked. Mariah was about to kick Aaron in the stomach next but he stopped her leg completely. Did you stop me how? Mariah asked. A certain Amazon I live with used to fly kick me when we were children. Aaron replied. Who the hell are you calling an Amazon? Sam asked. I think he is implying you are the Amazon. Ren replied. Mariah took her left fist and punched Aaron in the stomach again. Wow, Mariah seems really terrifying. Tomoki replied. Oh, this is nothing compared to what she can really do to any of you all. Sam replied. Wow, she is like Ami but her times one. Kaori replied. Keenan you just gave my brother a death wish. Sam replied.

  Hey, how scary is Mariah? Natasha asked. She is ruthless when she fights. Keenan replied. Natasha turned her head and saw Mariah knee Aaron in the stomach again. Hey, we have stopped the fight. Sam yelled. Stay the fuck out of this Sam. Aaron yelled. Stay out of this, my victim wants to have a little dignity before his defeat. Mariah replied. Did she just call him a victim? Nanami asked.  You know you just threw him into Lion's Den. James replied. Where the hell did you come from? Takeru asked. Well, I came from the side I couldn't stand to watch. James replied. As soon as James said that, he saw Aaron on the ground cowering over. He kicked her into the wall and she fell back. Mariah got up.She tried punching him again but Aaron blocked her attack. He punched her into a wall. Now that's spirit. Mariah replied. Aaron then kicked her in the stomach again. Mariah got up and kicked Aaron and that ended the fight. Oh my god did she just take Aaron down like that? Gin asked.  I shouldn't have really gone all out. Mariah replied. Well, he got what he always wanted lol. James replied. True. Ren replied. Should we tell him? Ren asked. You should, I can imagine his expression. James replied.  The winner is Mariah! Umeko yelled. What are you talking about? Mariah asked. It is nothing. Sam replied. Just take him to the Nurse's Office. Nanami replied. 

Soon as Mariah carried Aaron to the Nurse's Office, the match began. Aoi vs. Nanami. 

  Who will win?  


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