Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


26. Book Two: Chapter Twenty-Two: Lunar Empress Arc: The Allies In Disguise...

Last time, Mana runs out to fight off the people were about to attack Karin and her family. A mysterious guy appears to stop them. Mana seems like she is familiar with the man.

The next day, Karin met up with Natasha and the others to go to Lunar Sweet Cafe. Karin went back to her house and found an outfit that would suit Mana's style of dress. She picked the aquamarine cardigan with a white shirt and black skinny jeans. She also was wearing white and aquamarine Zans. Hey, this outfit looks pretty cool. Mana's ribbon was on her bed. Hey, how about you put on your ribbon. Karin replied. Mana put in her ribbon. Karin had to get ready too. She put on a harvest gold colored skater dress with a beige belt. She had on beige flats. Why are you dressed up? Mana asked. I ways dress up like this when I am out of school. Let's get my purse. Karin replied. Soon as the two run outside to meet Natasha and the others. I'm sorry, I had to find her an outfit. Karin replied. It looks like it fits her style of dress. Kaori replied. Well, we are supposed to go to Lunar Sweets Cafe. Kaori replied. You know Mana this place is named after you. Ami replied. Seriously, it's named after me? Mana asked. This area was once the old village you and Minori once lived. They dedicated the cafe in your honor. Nanami replied. What is a cafe and what do they sell? Mana replied. We have to take a train to get over their first. Natasha replied. What the hell is a train? Mana asked. Come on and let's go to the train station. Natasha replied. They rushed themselves and reached the train to their destination. Wow, we are moving fast. Mana replied. We should be there for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Soon as the girls got off, they reach they walked off the train and reached the outside. Wow, this place is so lively. Mana replied. Lunar Sweet Cafe is a little down the road. Natasha replied.On the way to the cafe, Benehime and friends picked on Mana and the others. Well, I never thought a demon like you would come to holy ground? Sakura asked. Your right but I came here not to wreak havoc but relax and show Mana around. Kaori replied.

Karin and the others were thinking about taking Mana to Lunar Sweet Cafe. Mana took her first train ride. Then she and the others were harassed by Benehime and friends.

Hey, lets go into the Cafe. Karin replied. What about that girl? Mana asked. Ignore her, if you indulge her she will go on and on. Karin replied. Who cares I want the candy and cakes. Mana replied Soon as they all came in, there were men greeted them. Wait is that you Karin and Natasha? Rio asked. Yeah, it's us, Rio. Natasha replied. So you two are buddies again? Rio replied. Rio stop hitting on them. Rina replied. Ma'am.Rio replied. Rio is a childhood friend of ours. Karin replied. Is that true? Rina asked. Yes, Rina. Rio replied. Hey, why are all those guys looking at Mana so weirdly? Sam asked. Hey, what is going on? Fumio asked. Mana is that you? Fumio asked. Fumio you have kind of aged. Mana replied. Wait this girl is who you named it after? Rio asked. Yes, this girl is the real Lunar Empress who saved the Sakura Village. She was like the guardian in a way. Fumio replied. Well, my brother and I were born in that village. Mana replied. Fumio is this the ruins of Sakura Village? Mana asked. Wait you realized it, Mana? Kaori asked. On the way up here, I saw alter where I was bestowed with the position of Lunar Empress. Mana replied. Wait are you serious? Natasha asked. Dead serious. Mana replied. Enough history lesson, I would like cake and cookies. Mana replied. That is Mana alright, one track mind. Fumio replied. What would you like to order? Rio asked. I would like the cake with stuff on it. Mana replied. That is limited edition food, we rarely sell it. Rio replied. This is a Venezuelan Quesillo, it is like those pancakes I had you try just with caramel drizzled all over it. Karin replied. Alright, you can buy that and I will buy that new dessert it's Pampushka right? Karin asked. Hey, I am about to get a take-home menu. As she walked over to get one, she saw Kai. Kai brushed past her saying " you can try and try but you will never get to me, ever". Natasha was frozen in fear. Hey, Karin, I bought those Cinnamon Buns you asked for. Kai replied. What did you just say to Natasha? Karin asked as she glared at Kai. Whatever do you mean? Kai replied. Soon as Kai walked out, a female and male employees came out from the back. Hey, Mana it's been awhile. Ryoshi replied. Hey baby girl. Yuzumi replied.
Stay Tuned.


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