Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


16. Book Two: Chapter Twelve: Lunar Empress: Mariah's Empress and The Theory

Last time, a group of three people were after Natasha. Mariah was in the area and Katsu was about the touch her. Akio stopped him. 

My lady do you need me to escort you home? Akio asked. I can walk home by myself. Mariah replied. Mariah that guy is a part of your Empress. Kaori replied. He is a devoted servant that will do what you say no matter what. Kaori replied. Are you serious? Mariah asked. Yes his loyalty is on Tomoe's level of loyalty to Sam. Kaori replied. So you might as well give into it Mariah. Natasha replied. Oh he has a twin brother named Aoki. He isn't the most reasonable person to get along with. Kaori replied. You know I am telling the truth. Kaori replied. I am walking back home. Natasha replied. I want to sleep. Kaori replied.Hey Kaori what the hell was that all about? Natasha asked. What the hell are you going on about? Kaori asked. That guy just called her lady-and-mistress? Natasha asked. Well it is pretty obvious, the servants that serve the master the empress. Kaori replied. Well let's go to bed. Kaori replied. Well I can't tell her about her servant. Koari mumbled. What did you say? Natasha asked. Maybe I will tell when the time is right. Kaori replied. When Akio nad Mariah walked home, people were looking because he had a sword on him and his clothes. Uh what is up with your clothes and the sword? Mariah asked. Is something wrong with my outfit? Akio asked. I will explain when I get home. Mariah replied. When Mariah got home, she knocked on the door. Where have you been? Ryan asked. Detour. Mariah replied with a smile. Sir, Lady Mariah was being attacked but I protected her. Akio replied. Is that you Akio? Ami asked. Princess Akurai, it's good seeing a familiar face. Akio replied. Ami, was that the last jelly filled doughnut? Mariah asked. Whatever could you mean? Ami asked. Mariah gave Ami a blank stare. It's ok, Mariah I bought two boxes because of her sweet tooth. Dawn replied. I see you will never change, Princess Akurai 

 . Akio replied. What don't you one? Ami asked. Where's your moody brother? Ami asked. Oh he's outside looking at the moon in that tree. Akio replied. Can you call him down, I think he might enjoy this pastry. Ami replied. Yes I can Princess. Akio replied. He seems really loyal. Dawn replied. Yes, he nad his brother served my mother when she was alive. Ami replied. Akio knocked on the door. Yes Princess. Aoki replied. I want you to try this. Ami replied. What is this? Aoki asked. It is a jelly filled doughnut. Ami replied. What the hell is doughnut? Aoki replied. Just try it. Ami replied. Soon as Akio and Aoki tried the doughnut, they both smiled. This is good, is there more stuff like this? Akio asked. Yes this time period has all kind of intersting things not in our time period. Ami replied. The food comes from all over the world. Ami replied.
Mariah's Empress has just met Mariah.  

The next morning, Ami and Mariah were getting ready to go to school. My lady where are you going dressed in clothes like this? Akio asked. This is what we wear to school. Ami replied. Well I call that Cinnamon Bun. Ami replied. Hey that one on the plate on the right is yours. Mariah replied. Alright. Ami said as she pouted. I'll see you guys when we get home. Mariah replied. As the two walked outside, Aiko saw two people in the shadows spying on them. Hey did you see what I just saw? Aoki asked. Yes I just did. Akio replied. So they want to play games? Aoki asked. How about before you boys go on a pursuit, you eat breakfast. Dawn replied. We have to protect them. Aoki replied. Oh Ami thought that you would like to try a Cinnamon Bun and a few Pancakes. Dawn replied. That sounds good. Akio replied. At school, Mariah runs into Natasha. Hey are you alright? Mariah asked. Yeah I just feel like those three are plotting something. Natasha replied. Kaori wakes up . You are right, they are up to something. Kaori replied. Takeru walked up to the girls. Yeah they are after, another person who is supposed to help us. Takeru replied. Where the hell did you come from Casanova? Kaori asked. They are after you know who. Takeru replied. What are you hiding Takeru? Natasha asked. Let's just say I know one reason why they are really on the prowl. Takeru replied. Then tell us why? Mariah asked. You wouldn't believe me if I told you who they were after. Takeru replied. Takeru, you Kaori and the others are considered mythical characters in hero tales in our society. I believe this wouldn't surprise me. Natasha replied. Sam walked over. That is true. Sam replied. Hey Ami why do you look so down? Mariah asked. Are they really coming after who I think? Ami asked. It is just theory, we are not certain. Kaori replied.   

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