Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


20. Book Two: Chapter Sixteen: Lunar Empress Arc: Karin Fight and Declaration

Last time, Hiro and the girls were eating snacks made by Natasha's mom, Rene. He was discussing what would happen next. He spoke of Mana and her reincarnation.
When the girls went home, Hiro and Kaori felt that something was off. That night Hiro went into Natasha's Room. I know what you are think, something is off and we have to do something about it? Natasha asked. I felt the presences of Mana's reincarnation. Hiro replied. I am curious to who it is? Natasha asked. Well lets find out together. Hiro replied. Natasha jumped out the window. Hiro was running on the cable lines. He stopped at a house. They hid behind the roof.They saw Emiko and a few of her men grabbed Katara. What the hell are you pulling Emiko? Katara asked. Oh so you don't know why we are here then? Emiko asked. She looks just like Mana. Shou replied. What the hell get off the premises or else. Katara replied. Is that so. Men capture her. Emiko replied. Katara transformed and unsheathed her sword. What the hell are you planning? Emiko asked. You think I will roll over for you or anyone? I will never again! Katara yelled. That sword is proof, that is one of Mana's swords. Hiro replied. What the hell why are not moving men? Emiko asked. My lady we can't move at all. Shou replied. Oh yeah those men of yours look closely at them. They are being affected by my sword attack. It is called Tempus. Katara replied. Yeah that is that terrifying girls sword. Hiro replied. Natasha saw someone was about to attack Katara. Natasha transformed into her Moonlight Rose form. She used the attacked Moonlight Rose Raid. Been awhile girl. Natasha replied. I will ask why you here later. Katara replied. Karin where are you? Katara transformed back into her human form. Hi Keenan,why are you here? Katara asked. So I was right, you are Katara. Keenan replied. How did you figure it out? Katara asked. The Karin I know is a clingy girl who cherishes everyone around her. Keenan replied. So this is anticlimactic. Karin you have to go in hiding for awhile. Natasha replied. Yeah she looks like that damn Mana alright. Hiro replied.  

Now they have found Katara who's real name is Karin.
She is the reincarnation of Mana Kyoyama.

Katara was being attacked by Emiko and her men. Katara attacked back with the assistance of Natasha. Then finding out Katara is Mana's reincarnation. For the time being, Natasha requested she stays at her house.

Soon as Natasha snicked back into her room, her father was sitting on her bed. How was that night stroll you had with Hiro? Jeremy asked. Well you see, dad. Natasha replied. Mr. Higashiyama don't punish her. She saved my life from an old team mate of our. Katara replied. Let me guess, after all you are Mana's reincarnation? Jeremy asked. Dad do you know Mana ? Natasha replied. I might tell you one of these days. Jeremy replied. Natasha got ready for bed. We can sleep in the same bed. Natasha replied. I know but it doesn't feel right. Katara replied. Karin I don't hate you if that is what you are thinking?
Natasha asked. Yeah that is what I think. Katara replied. Next day, Natasha got ready for school. Karin took put on one of Natasha school uniforms. When Natasha and Kaori got to school, they saw a girl that looked similar to Katara replied. Hey Natasha. Katara replied. I can't believe it, you came to school. Natasha replied. I am trying to avoid my brother and his men. Katara replied. It is you again. Mariah replied. Mariah she has nothing against any of us to be honest. She was blindly following her brother's orders. Natasha replied. Is that you Karin? Keenan asked. Yup it is. How about I go by my real name Karin from now on. Karin replied. A man walked passed Karin. Wait you finally came to school, Karin? Minori asked. Oh hi dad, I want to attend school again? Karin asked. Sure you can. Minori replied. Hi Principal Kyoyama. Natasha replied. Wait that guy is the principal? Mariah and Sam asked. Yup and also Karin's father. Natasha replied. Wait is that you Minori? Kaori asked. Principal Kyoyama brushed pass Kaori and said "I need to talk to Natasha and you around lunch time". Well I haven't gone to school since that incident with Natasha. Karin replied. When the girls were in school, Jeremy went down to his study. a hooded individual in a cloak appeared. You know Mana hiding from her and not talking to her your relationship to her really is not like you. Jeremy replied. Mana then took her hood off.I really don't want to hear that coming from you. Teach what you preach. Mana replied. You meant "Practice what you preach" Jeremy replied.

Quick Knowledge:

Tempus derives from the latin word tempus edax rerum. Tempus edax rerum means time devours all things.

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