Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


6. Book Two: Chapter Six: Battle Royal Arc: Kaori vs. Takeru

Last time Keenan and Natasha's fight ended in a draw. Now we have the legendary Shadow Dragon warriors Kaori Higashiyama and Takeru Fukushima!
Hey Takeru lets make this interesting. If I win this you have to buy me something. Kaori replied. Yeah I wouldn't buy you anything even if I win or lose. Takeru replied. Wow it seems our announcer and the challenger have a connection. Yumi replied. Yeah they do. Ami replied. You better not even go there. Kaori replied. You know I would never do anything like that. We swore to never talk about. Ami replied. Well for now Ren will take over for now. Ami replied. Why didn't you fight Ami? Yumi asked. fighting isn't really my thing. Ami replied. That girl is like Mariah time four. Kaori replied. She isn't that violent now. Yumi replied. I've known long enough to know her mannerisms. Kaori replied. Enough babbling on fight already. Gin replied. You on't demand me bitch!! Kaori yelled. Do you want me to beat your ass too? Kaori asked. No ma'am. Gin replied. Soon as the match began Keenan kicked Kaori in jaw. She then grabbed his leg and had a menacing grin. She threw them Takeru into the fence. You know we can't go all out. Takeru replied. Oh I know that. Kaori replied. Well lets do this. Takeru replied. Takeru punched Kaori in the face. From the distance a unfamiliar woman and a man come to the fight and Takeru had a shocked face. Hey Takeru don't you dare space out on me! Kaori replied. You are right. Takeru replied. Kaori punches Takeru in the stomach. Kaori saw the unfamiliar man and woman before. What was that about spacing out? Takeru replied. Takeru put his hand around her face then grabbed her face and threw her down. Bastard I thought I told you we can't go all out. Kaori replied. I am not going all out, if I did you would have a hole threw your stomach. Takeru replied. That might be true but if I get serious, doing that I could kick your head off clean. Kaori replied. As she said what she said, she then kicked Takeru in the neck. What the hell they are fighting like Gods out there. Mariah replied. Hey you know you can't get but so serious out there! Ami yelled. We know that Ami. Kaori replied. Yeah we know, don't get so worried. The Ref came and said this fight will be a draw. Soon as he was calling it a draw, Kaori punched Takeru in the stomach and fell out. Uh this isn't a draw you now that right, I just won far and square. Kaori replied. The girls won the challenge!!! Yumi yelled. I never thought that I would him out of all places. Leiko replied. You know the elite don't go to crappy schools like these. Shigeru replied. Why are you here, my dad doesn't even know of my whereabouts or me even me being alive. Takeru replied. Oh we are going to tell him, he will be overjoyed to see you. Leiko replied. Why are you really doing here? Kaori asked. Well well the demon wants to interefere once again? Leiko replied. What is their connection to Takeru? 

Stay Tuned.

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