Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


21. Book Two: Chapter Seventeen: Lunar Empress Arc: Kaori and Natasha's Fight

Last time, Karin finally went to school. Kaori called out the name "Minori". Kaori seemed like she knew the Principal from one time period. Principal Kyoyama asked Koari and Natasha for a requested to help him with something. Mana appears before Jeremy in his study.

As lunch came along, Kaori called Natasha to come to Principal Kyoyama's Office. What do you want from us, Minori? Kaori asked. Well I saw one of the exorcist groups here. I think they are looking for Mana and Karin. Minori replied. I see so you want us to keep them away from them? Kaori asked. Yup can you do it for old time sake? Minori asked. You are just like Mana with words. Soon as Kaori felt their presences, Kaori told Natasha to transform and fight. Well lets just have some fun. Kaori replied. Kaori we can't destroy anything alright. Natasha replied. I won't. Kaori replied. I have the feeling she will almost destroy something. Natasha thought. So I heard that reincarnation is here. Sara replied. Kaori is sitting right behind them.I see you are after Mana's reincarnation and you will do anything to destroy her. Kaori replied. Where did you come from? Ao asked. Well I came here to give you a warning, you are not going to attack her or get to Mana. Kaori replied. I have heard of you, you are the Shadow Dragon, Kaori Higashiyama. Ao replied. So you still Hiro under your control? Sara asked. I never had control of him. He left because the young lady and mistress of the house is the reason why he left. Kaori replied. Kaori is that true? Natasha asked. Yes I was there when it happened to him trying to rip it out. He is stuck like that until the cure is found. Kaori replied. He is stuck like that because of you, you damn demon. Sara replied. You were brainwash to believe what the monks told you. Kaori replied. I don't believe you. Sara replied. Sara attacked Kaori with a punch. Kaori fell out. What the hell happened? Kaori asked. I wouldn't be surprised she is using *Lux Aeterna magic. Natasha replied. What the hell is that? Kaori asked. It's a ancient type of magic that is forgotten. Natasha replied. I can fight her off. Natasha replied. How can you fight me? Sara asked. I am a mixture of Lux Aeterna magic and Shadow Dragon magic. Natasha replied. I forgot about that. You father did tell me that. Jeremy replied. Natasha sprinted and summoned a sword and slashed Sara. 
Natasha and Kaori are fighting Sara and Ao to protect Karin.

Natasha and Kaori were asked to protect her from the branch the exorcist that came Benihime in the beginning of the arc. One of them used Lux Aeterna magic.

What happened to me that attack affected me some how. Kaori replied. You see Lux Aeterna is the type of magic the monks use to exorcise their victims with their "Holy Light". Are you implying that you can handle her? Kaori asked. You cut me and how? Sara asked. As said a few minutes, I am a mixture of Lux Aeterna and Shadow Dragon Magic. The Shadow Dragon Magic is the dominant magic. Natasha transformed into a unfamiliar form. So the rumors were true, the powers of light an darkness created you. Sara replied. You are an abomination. Sara replied. I don't need to hear that coming from you. Natasha replied. Sara summoned a bow and arrow and shot Natasha. You now that didn't affect me. Natasha replied. Natasha took out the twin blades on her sides and slashed Sara. After she slashed her, she said these words, Lux sanctorum bestia. Sara fell out and Ao picked her up.What the hell? That was so bad ass, Natasha. Kaori replied. Thank you, Kaori. Natasha replied. Lady Sara we have to retreat. Ao replied. This is not over. Sara replied. Soon as Sara retreated Hiro was watching Sara retreat. The Sara I know would never let some one get to her like that. Hiro replied. Who are you? Ao asked. If I remember correctly the prodigy monk who was possessed by a beast. Hiro replied. Hiro, is that you? Sara asked. Yes I am, you know where my sword is hidden? Hiro asked. Hiro your looking for it still? Kaori asked. That sword isn't just a plain sword that is made. It is one of the fangs of the Holy Beast. Hiro replied. So tell me where it is Sara. Hiro asked. What does a defiled creature like you need a sword that is blessed with the protection of the power of Lux Aeterna? Sara asked. I feel it calling to me. Hiro replied. As Hiro said that Sara received a call saying the swords seal has been 

 Where the hell my sword Sara, you and those hypocrites you call holy monks have lied over the centuries. If you want to know the truth then look for yourself. Hiro replied in anger. What do you mean with this blasphemy you speak? Sara asked. Hiro what the hell is going on? Natasha asked. The sword I speak of is the sword created by the Northern Shadow Dragon Clan. Hiro replied. What the Northern Shadow Dragon Clan? Natasha asked. My and you father's Clan, Natasha. Kaori replied. That sword is not meant for whatever those fucked monks you believe in. Kaori replied. You speak this too you damn creature of the darkness. You corrupted Hiro and look at him now. Sara replied. Sara your not to blame for what happened to me. Hiro replied. I want to leave you with this, "If you love those close to you, you will care for them conditionally and unconditionally" Hiro replied. Hiro kissed her forehead. Sara looks as he walks away and cries. Why are you doing this? Sara asked. Lady Sara lets go. Ao replied. Hiro what the hell was that all about? Natasha asked. Natasha he knows why she learned that ancient magic. She wants to save Hiro from the demon who possess him. It can leave him but he will died or at least his lifespan will shorten. That is what the elders told me anyway. Kaori replied. Sara I want you to know he is glad he still has a person who cares about him. Everyone deserted him because of what happened to him. Do you want to know who caused his life of despair? Kaori asked. What do you mean? Sara replied. The monks know what happened but made up a lie to cover it up. Kaori replied. Let's go Natasha. Kaori replied. What the hell are you talking about?Natasha asked. I will tell you just this, you will find out soon. A vendetta is about to happen and I don't know how it will end. Kaori replied. Does this have to do with Mana? Natasha asked. As Natasha said that, a girl in a cloak was standing on the branch. Hiro looked up and said. "Well, well never thought I would see you. Mana, the Lunar Empress and the greatest tacticians in history"  

Quick Knowledge:

Lux Aeterna means Eternal Light in Latin.

Natasha's mother uses Lux Aeterna. Her father, Jeremy is the last Shadow Dragon. When you read Jeremy's backstory, you will learn about why he is the way he is. You will also learn how he meant Rene (Natasha's Mother)

 Lux sanctorum bestia mean Light of the holy beast in Latin.  

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