Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


18. Book Two: Chapter Fourteen: Lunar Empress Arc: Hiro has Appeared

  Last time, Natasha was about to go look up information on her Empress since everyone else found theirs. Then Mariah comes over to Natasha because she was curious about something.
The next day, Natasha was still curious to open the book. She as shocked at what she found out. She read something about her father's past. Hey, what did you find in there? Kaori asked. It seems like I found out about someone named Hiro. Natasha replied. Are you serious? Kaori asked. When Natasha looked at Kaori, she seemed like she knew something about that guy Hiro. Natasha thought. Jeremy walked up the stairs asking "Hey Kaori did you see a diary of events?" Why is it so important? Kaori asked. I need it because I am going to use it for my next book. Jeremy replied. I got a little curious so I took the book, here you go. Kaori replied. Those two are hiding something. Jeremy replied. As the two got ready for school, they ran into Sam and Nanami. Hey you guys. Natasha replied. Hey, Nanami have you felt that bastard presence over the last few days? Kaori asked. No, but knowing him he is hiding his presence really well. A ninja was stalking Natasha but someone came out of nowhere and stopped her. He said "I am sorry but I won't let you touch her" Well that little bastard is lively. Kaori replied. What are you talking about? Natasha asked. Oh, I will tell you later on today. Kaori replied. When the girls arrived at school they went their separate ways to class. When Natasha went to English Literature, she was thinking about what Kaori said to her. She was so impatient that after her class, she came up to Kaori saying "Stop keeping secrets tell me." First, you sound desperate as hell, show some dignity. Second, it is a private matter so please be patient alright. Kaori replied. I know she can be savage at times but she rarely likes that to her own family. Takeru replied. Well even though I am her aunt, she still has to act like she has some dignity. Kaori replied. Wait you are her what? Takeru asked. Yeah I am her father's older sister, didn't I tell you that? Kaori replied. No, you did not. Takeru replied. I wouldn't be surprised you haven't figured it out, you barely listen to others. Kaori replied. Later on, you are going to explain everything about Hiro? Takeru asked. Yeah, she deserves an explanation of who he is.
Who is Hiro?

  Natasha was still looking for her Empress warrior and when she was skimming through a book she stumbled upon the name Hiro.

After school when they arrived home, she had a pondering look on her face. She was still wondering who Hiro was. Alright, you are killing me with that look on your face. Kaori replied. Hiro is actually a childhood friend. Kaori replied. You leaving out details. Natasha replied. He is also your warrior as well. Kaori replied. Can I see him? Natasha asked. I mean he is yearning to meet his lady and mistress. Kaori replied Hey Natasha you left notebook at school. Sam replied. Thank you, Sam. Natasha replied. You also left your hoodie at my house. Mariah replied. I am so happy you all are nice to this forgetful girl. Kaori replied. I am her older cousin, my brother is worse than Natasha replied. I am not surprised he left any jackets at your house, Mariah. Sam replied. You have no right to talk. Ami replied. You use to leave your hair ribbons at my palace. Ami replied. She left stuff at my house too. Nanami replied. That is ancient history. Kaori replied. So you can't talk. Natasha replied. So what about Hiro? Natasha asked. Wait isn't that cursed friend of yours. Ami asked. Yeah, he has been roaming the Earth for years watching life passing by. To be honest I feel kind of sorry him. Nanami replied. Yeah knowing him he is guarding against the distance. Kaori replied. We have to leave to study for a test. Mariah replied. I hate studying. Ami replied. We have to study too. Sam replied. As everyone left, Natasha took a nap and didn't wake up until the next morning. As she slept, Hiro appeared in her room. You know if you want to meet her properly talk to her instead of playing ninja. Kaori replied. 
Hiro has just appeared.

  That night, Hiro was looking at Natasha as she was sleeping. It has been awhile handsome, what do you think about hangout as we use to. Kaori replied. Well since you put it that way. Hiro replied.

The two went to a bar in Ancient Territory.The two went into Isle of the Scarlet Beauty. They were praised when they were walking in. They went to the bar. Aren't you a little too young be drinking? Hiro replied. I am not drinking, I have to go to school tomorrow only you can drink. Kaori replied. Well, I will take your serving. Hiro replied. Now stop hiding, I have a feeling your sister and her friends are after Natasha and her friends. I figured she would try such a deceitful action to lure me out of hiding. After all, she is the reason I am stuck like this. Hiro replied.Your right, but she sees me as an abomination or something. Hiro replied. An hour passed and Hiro took Kaori home. You know you shouldn't think much of what I choose to do. Hiro replied. Whatever, I need my sleep so I will not be late for class tomorrow. Kaori replied.  

 Hiro has made an assumption about what will happen.
Stay Tuned.  

Quick Knowledge:

  Kaori and Hiro went out to a bar in Ancient Territory.  

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