Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


5. Book Two: Chapter Five: Battle Royal Arc: Natasha vs Keenan

Last time, Sam won the fight between James and she. 
Now lets kick off the fight with Keenan Higashikuni! Beat her ass Keenan! Takeru replied. Yeah whatever. Now one of our aces in the hole Natasha Higashiyama! Yumi Sakura replied. Let' have some fun Keenan after all we have a score to settle anyways. Natasha replied. You are right we do. Keenan replied. The fight has just commenced. Keenan kicked Natasha in the stomach sending her flying into the wall. Natasha gets up and she a menacing grin on her face. Wait that usually knocked out people. Gin replied. I hate to break it to you kid but your boy is going to lose to her. Kagura replied. Your wrong he won't lose. Gin replied. Where did she go?Gin asked. Natasha gets up and punches him in the face. Why did those two just pause in the middle of the fight? Yumi asked. Damn why is she here? Natasha thought. Natasha pinned him down and pulls his arm. Get off me you damn spider monkey! Keenan yelled. Am I hurting you? Natasha replied sarcastically. Keenan pick up Natasha and throws her off him. You sick bastard you could at least be a little gentle with me, damn?Natasha replied. What the hell is gentle about your ass? Keenan asked. No offense but you are too terrifying to be considered "Gentle". Tarou replied. Shut up or dig you a grave as well. Natasha replied. Tarou you love your life right? Takeru asked. Yes. Tarou asked. She is like a little devil I know that will bring fear to your eyes. Takeru replied. Who is this "little devil" you talking about? Kaori asked.

 Hey Keenan, I am going to kick our ass you bastard! Natasha replied. Takeru walked off and ran into Mr. Saki the Chemistry Teacher. Hey no foul language in this fighting battle. Mr. Saki replied. Mr. Saki aren't you supposed to be against stuff like this? Takeru asked. Not really, I use to do stuff like this when I was younger. Mr. Saki replied. That is also how I met my wife. Mr. Saki replied. Were you a Casanova or a lover when you were younger? Takeru asked. No I was never as girl crazy as you boys now of days. Mr. Saki replied. You are right, let me get back to the announcer booth. Takeru replied. Now let's get back to this fight. Takeru replied. I wonder who will win this fight? Yumi asked. I will you tell you this much this might be a draw. Takeru replied. Why do you believe that? Yumi asked. Why because if we don't stop them they will destroy each other. Takeru replied. What do you mean? Oh my god Natasha has Keenan in a choke hold. Yumi replied. I don't like repeating myself! Keenan yelled. Get the hell off you got damn spider monkey! Keenan replied. Keenan has broken free. Takeru replied. Keenan kicked Natasha in the face. Natasha dodged his attack. Now she punched him in the stomach. Those two have been at it for too long get them out of there! Mr. Saki yelled. Are you serious this is getting good. Gin replied. No those two are going to kill themselves! Mr. Saki replied. This fight will end with a draw. Takeru replied. No way?!!! The audience replied. Takeru move. Kaori replied. They said that its a draw so deal with it! Kaori replied. Next up is our very handsome annoucer is going up against the devil herself, Kaori Higashiyama! 

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