Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


15. Book Two: Chapter Eleven: Lunar Empress Arc: Mariah forgiveness and her Knight

Last time, the endeavor between Himaru and Mariah has come to a climax. Now it has been a week since everything has happened. Mariah chose to skip school to see Aaron.

Mariah walked into Aaron's Room. Is that you Mariah? Aaron asked. Yeah it is me. Mariah replied. Mariah walked over and sat on his bed.This is all my fault. Mariah replied. You should not blame yourself. Aaron replied. You didn't even know she was out to pounce. Aaron replied. I know but. Mariah replied. That girl was after both of us. Aaron replied. You are right, that crazy girl will try to take anyone down with proper motive. Mariah replied. Can I ask you a question? Mariah asked. Yeah what is it you want to know? Aaron asked. You muttered Trisita before you blacked out. Mariah replied. Oh Trisita is one of the powers you could obsess from the Forbidden Library. Aaron replied. That girl Katara got her powers from there too. Aaron replied. Oh but it is still my fault. Mariah replied. I don't blame you alright, Mariah. Aaron replied. Aaron pulled Mariah hugged her. Only thing she could do was cry. Then he kissed her. Oh Mariah, I heard you skipped school today to see Aaron. Syd replied. Mariah blushed and put her head down. Don't feel bad I did the same thing when I was their dad. Syd replied. Syd left the room and walked downstairs. As soon as Sam walked into the house, Sam yelled. I see, so you did skip to see my accident prone brother? Sam asked. Who the hell are you calling accident prone? Aaron asked. Watch your mouth. Syd replied. Well the guy with a swords injury do to some ancient technique. Sam replied. Knock it off you two and get along. Trey replied. Yes sir. Aaron and Sam replied. Wow I know you two always get into with each other. Mariah asked. Yeah because after you leave he gets angry like he did. Sam replied. I was kind of shocked. Mariah replied. Hey Natasha and Kaori is that for Aaron? Syd asked. Yes my mom said this will put his nerves to ease. Natasha replied. Natasha walked up the stairs. Hey Aaron are you feeling any better? Natasha asked. Well I have felt better, what is in the box? Aaron asked. My mom said it might ease your nerves. Natasha replied. It's her chewy brownies with strawberry filling inside. Aaron replied. Hey that sounds delicious. Can I try one? Mariah asked. Sure you can. Aaron replied. The two ate them. Natasha, I didn't know your mom makes brownies like this? Mariah asked. Yeah not just my mom, Aaron and Sam's mom too. Natasha replied. I smell seafood. Natasha replied. Well seems my mom is making his favorite seafood dish, Sea Paella. Sam replied. I smell Seafood! Nanami replied. Seafood! Himemiko yelled.  

Hey come down Aaron, it is done. Syd replied. I'll be down in second. Aaron replied. As my brother rushes downstairs, knowing how accident prone is he will nearly nearly fall down the stairs. Sam replied. Stop insulting your brother. Mariah replied. No I'm not finished. Sam replied. He doesn't want to fall on his face in front of his girlfriend. Sam replied. What the hell do yo have against me? Aaron replied. Hey you two need to apologize to each other. Trey replied. Yes dad. Aaron and Sam replied. I find it funny. Mariah replied. They usually do this after you leave the house. Syd replied. Well other than that, come down and eat. Syd replied. You made Sea Paella I smell it. Aaron replied. Aaron creeped on to the pot. Did you was your hands? Syd asked. Maybe. Aaron replied. I take that as a no. Syd replied. Alright I will wash my hands. Aaron replied. Well can I be a test taster? Tomoe asked. Not this time, the first person who will be the injured guy. Syd replied. I washed my hands. Now it's Sea Paella time. Aaron replied. Then Syd made him a plate. Mom thank you. Aaron replied. Then she a plates for the others. Wow this is good. Tomoe replied. Wait aren't you eating your own people? Sam asked. No not at all. Tomoe replied. We've been done this on multiple occasions so it doesn't phase us as you think. Nanami replied. Yeah I we like seafood like scallops and shrimp. Himemiko replied. You are eating your own kind in my eyes. Sam replied. Well Sea Paella has some of those ingredients. Sam replied. Really? Himemiko asked. Did you use rice? Mariah asked. No he doesn't like rice so I use noodles instead. Syd replied. Who cares let's eat. Aaron replied. Everyone ate that night. Soon as they finished, Mariah went home but little did she know what happened on her way home.  

  Afterwards, Mariah left on her way home, she ran into Natasha walking in the left to the park in their neighborhood. Hey Natasha, why are you heading to the park? Mariah asked. I know what I heard, she is here. Natasha replied. Who is this girl she is talking? Mariah thought. Soon as Mariah heard a young girls voice in the direction of the park, she followed the sound and she saw a girl with long dark blonde hair with pale skin. "She changed from a ruthless killer". So it was who I thought. It was you Emiko. Natasha replied. What is going on? Mariah thought. Natasha glared. It's been awhile and you greet me with a glare? Emiko asked. I have not a thing to say to you. Natasha replied. Kaori woke up out her sleep. She rushed and put clothes and ran down the stairs. What the hell are you running down the stairs at this time of night? Jeremy asked. Why are you still up? Kaori asked. This is my house I can do whatever the hell I please. Jeremy replied. Well lets not argue, do you feel that? Kaori asked. Yeah I have ever since she sneak out the house from her window. Jeremy replied. Just say it, Jeremy "Can you please save Natasha" Kaori replied. Do that please? Jeremy asked. Soon as Kaori ran outside, she ran as fast as she could. Soon as she reached Natasha, she saw Mariah. What are you doing here, Kaori? Natasha asked. So you are the infamous, Kaori Higashiyama? Honako asked. Who the hell are you? Kaori replied. A guy jumped down behind Mariah and put his hands on her waist. Who the hell are you? Mariah asked. Well the White-haired is adorable. I hope she isn't taken? Katsu asked. Well I am sorry to disappoint you but I am taken. Mariah replied. I wonder what happen if I try something tricks on you. Katsu asked. What kind tricks are you speaking of? Mariah replied. This is what I was talking about. Katsu replied. He jumped off her for some reason. I am sorry but I can let you touch my lady and mistress. Aoki replied. So you are one of the Fire Empress Knights? Katsu asked.  

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