Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


22. Book Two: Chapter Eighteen: Lunar Empress Arc: Mana Kyoyama Appears

Last time, a little bit of Hiro's past was revealed. Hiro knows why Sara is doing what she is doing to save him. Kaori tells the truth behind what will happen next. Then a hooded person appears before Hiro.

I never thought I would ever see you out of all people Mana? Hiro replied. So those bastards will go to any extreme to capture me. Mana replied. Yeah seems like it but you should reveal yourself. Hiro replied. I know but since I have been in hiding all this time. Mana replied. As Mana was talking to Hiro, Mana felt something is off. Hey, do you sense that? Mana asked. What are you talking about? Hiro replied. Shit, I know what it is. Mana replied. Karin walked outside for PE. Mana ran dodged the attack with the sword, she slashed her sword and said "Venatrix caelo aeterni". Wow, who is that hooded person who stopped that attack? Sakura asked. So the rumors are true, the greatest tactician in history. Ali replied. What the hell, man? Mana asked. You have a foul mouth for a young lady. Ali replied. I hate cowardly men, they think it is alright to attack a girl because you were asked. Mana replied. Wait that telling off, it couldn't be her. Kaori replied. That was her sword "The Chained Maiden". Takeru replied. You have no right to call your man in general. I'd love to teach you manners but knowing the percentage of you winning rate is 0.5 percent. Mana replied. Kaori and Takeru looked at each other and said: "Yeah that is her alright". What are you two agreeing on? Keenan asked. Remember the greatest female tactician in history, Mana Kyoyama? Takeru asked. Yeah, she was like in her twenties when she died. Keenan replied. Who the hell told you that bogus lie. She has been living long as us. Kaori replied. Mana sounds a little shy. Natasha replied. Well she might be the bad ass you know her to be but down to she is shy. Kaori replied. Now that I think about it, what she did was similar to what Karin would do. Natasha replied. How so? Keenan asked. When Karin gets pissed, she would dig into people like that and glare at them. Natasha replied. Yeah that is Mana right there. Takeru replied. Knowing her she will how her today after school. Kaori replied. After school, everyone walked home. As Karin was walking with Natasha and the others to her home to talk about Mana, Mana tripped over her cloak. Damn this damn cloak. Mana replied. Mana it's you. Ami replied. Don't hug me. Mana replied. It's been so long since we have spoke last. Ami replied. What does she look like? Sam asked. Just like Karin actually. Ami replied. Mana took off her hood. She looks like Karin. Sam replied.

Quick Knowledge:

The Chained Maiden is referring to the constellation named Andromeda.  Andromeda is the mythological princess who is the wife of the Greek hero Perseus. 

 Venatrix caelo aeterni means Huntress of the eternal sky in Latin 



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