Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


8. Book Two: Chapter Eight: Battle Royal Arc: Trouble Begins

Last time Rinko went "easy" on Leiko. Before Rinko went back into Kaori, Leiko asked a question. "Who are you?" Rinko said. "... I am Kaori's true self you could say". What could that mean?

Hey Kaori, who was that girl? Natasha asked. Well just let's say, someone that I never want you to witness. Kaori replied. Stop holding things to yourself. Natasha replied. Natasha you really don't want to witness her like that form. Jeremy replied. Dad you witness her like that? Natasha asked. Yeah she won't be the Kaori you know. Jeremy replied. Get ready for bed alright. Jeremy replied. When Kaori went into the bathroom, she felt something was off. It must be me, I thought a assassin was targeted. Kaori thought. Soon as Kaori got out the shower and got dressed in her room. Natasha bursted in her room. What the hell is wrong with you, Natasha? Kaori asked. I was curious about Rinko. Natasha replied. Maybe after school, just get out so I can get dressed for bed. Kaori replied. Alright good night, Natasha. Kaoru replied. She then went to sleep. The next day, at school the girls were just looking at this girl talking to Keenan. Hey why are you all not going to class? Kaori asked. Well that girl comes one of the elite schools. Mariah replied. What the the hell are you going about? Kaori replied. Well I thought I would see the devil, Rinko. Keiko replied. Never thought I would eve see you either. Kaori replied. Hey stop this. Takeru replied. How do these two know each other? Natasha asked.

The next day at school , a girl her friend's well to be more precise. They look like posse.

When Kaori and Natasha walked into school, they saw two unfamiliar students. Kaori saw their faces as if she knew them. Well if it isn't the low life creature, Kaori Higashiyama? Benihime asked. Well I never thought a snobby bitch like you would come to me, either? Kaori said sarcastically. How dare the likes of you talk to her in such a way? Hikari asked. Well Hikari a loyal lapdog to the family? Kaori asked. Watch your mouth or I'll kill you. Hikari replied. Kaori smirked. Well I would love to see you try. Kaori replied. What the hell is going on out their? Mariah asked. Yeah it seems the Benihime is at out school. Kei replied. Please do't tell me that snobby bitch is here? Mariah asked. You know her? Aaron replied. Yeah. Mariah replied. Kaori ignore these people... Natasha replied. Natasha looked shocked. So they let a criminal roam free? Benihime asked. You know even though the sins I committed can never be forgiven. Natasha replied. Hey don't try to give her a guilt trip. Koari replied. Let me guess, you are here to find that bastard's whereabouts right? Kaori asked. Do you know where he is? Benihime asked. No but harassing me in school causes you school a bad reputation. Kaori replied. Even if I did knew where that person is. They wouldn't want to bring you suffering upon you again. Kaori replied. The two girls whispering something. Sam overheard them whispering something. What is Natasha's sins? Who is the person Kaori is talking about?   

 Natasha and Kaori were being harassed by a girls named Benihime and Hikari. They were curious of a person's whereabouts.

When lunch time came around, Natasha was still thinking about the person that Benihime and Kaori were talking about. Hey Kaori can I ask you a question? Natasha asked. Yeah what is it Natasha? Kaori asked. Who is that person? Natasha asked. Yeah I am curious too? Sam asked. Is he a guy by chance? Yeah he is. Kaori replied. Yeah he is a guy. Kaori replied. Is he that really handsome childhood friend? Ami asked. He is handsome too? Mariah asked. Yes my day has been saved. Mariah replied. What do you mean? Nanami asked. Benihime and I have bad blood between each other. Mariah replied. Really I can't see it. Kaori replied. Mariah use to be really terrifying back in the day. Sam replied. I still can't see it. Natasha replied. I bet it's because my nice and sweet demeanor now of days. Mariah replied. Aaron was walking over to Mariah but tripped. Oh my gosh, Aaron are you ok? Mariah asked. Yeah I am fine. Aaron replied. Let's leave you town alone. Sam replied. Hey Mariah I was wondering, since the Winter Festival is coming up. Aaron replied. I'll go to the festival with you. Just pick me up at my house around seven. Mariah replied. Alright. Wait you said yes? Aaron asked. Aaron blushed. Wow you finally asked her out, I am so proud of you. Sam replied. Shut up, I don't want to here that coming from you. Aaron replied. He glared at Sam replied. That night, many things will happen. Little did they know of what happens next.

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