Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II

Read about Natasha and her adventures. The friends she meets from the past to present. The battles of her past coming to the light. What will happen next?

For now, I will make the book of Natasha Book Two for now. I will make Book One after I am done.
I will have a few side stories such as Teru's Past and Jeremy's Back Story.
*Note: Teru's Past has a little sexual reference.


17. Book One: Chapter Thirteen: Lunar Empress: Emiko's Ambush and Mana

Last time, a new character was being discussed.

After school, when Natasha, Kaori, Nanami, Mariah, Ami and Sam were on their way home. They encountered one of three that attacked Natasha. being attacked by Honako. What the hell do you want you damn psycho. Natasha replied. I am not a psycho for you information. Honako replied. You guys whatever you do do not engage battle with her, she is more dangerous than she seems. Natsumi replied. Oh how rude, I remember her from last time. Honako replied. Honako ran and kicked Sam into the trees. Why you little bitch! Sam yelled. Sam charged and kicked Honako in the face. You kicked me in the face. Honako replied. Two can play at that game. Sam replied. Wow I know Sam can be violent but she kicked Honako in the face. What are you doing. Honako? Emiko asked. Wait did she just kick you the face? Emiko asked. Yeah I am surprised that she hasn't snapped. Natasha replied. Don't talk to us. Emiko replied. Well I have a question, for the obnoxious bitch over there. Mariah asked. Who do you think you are calling obnoxious? Emiko asked. Emiko just answer her. Natasha replied. Who are you three after? Mariah asked. Why should we tell you? Emiko asked. Are you after the Lunar Empress? Ami asked. Why does that name sound so familiar? Natasha replied. Why yes we are. Emiko replied. I will not let you put a finger on her. Ami replied. What can you do to anyone? Emiko replied. I wouldn't anger her, Ami is more dangerous than all of us. Kaori replied. I want to witness this. Katsu replied. Katsu charged at Ami and tried to punch her. What the hell, she grabbed my fist. Katsu thought. I bet you are curious to how I stop your fist in such speed. Ami replied. I hate to tell you this but even though I might be a princess. I have faced and beaten many enemies who try to defeat me with speed. Ami replied. No one has ever stop, Katsu's attacks. Natasha thought. Ami let go of his fist and kicked him in the stomach. Katsu started coughing up blood.That is how you use speed to attack your enemies. Ami replied. I never seen you angry before, Ami. Mariah replied. Is the Lunar Empress important to you? Mariah asked. You can say that in a way. Ami replied. Just like I figured. Ami thought. Who is the Lunar Empress? Sam replied. I heard that name before. Natasha replied. I believe her name was Mana Kyoyama. Natasha replied. You do you know that? Kaori asked. When I was a little girl, my dad would tell me stories about your adventure Kaori and the others. My dad didn't really go into Mana's story. Natasha replied. I know exactly why. Kaori replied.
What is her connection to Ami?

Emiko and the other two came and ambushed the girls after school. To be exact Honako attacked Sam.

As Natasha and Kaori rushed home, they went into Jeremy's study. Where is that book? Natasha asked. Here it is. Natasha replied. Why did you just steal from your father's study? Kaori asked. Maybe? Natasha replied. What do you want to know? Kaori asked. Everyone has met their Empress warriors except me. Natasha replied. I know why but he won't appear until the time is right. Kaori replied.Stop talking to me like your some old wise woman. Natasha replied. Excuse me, I might look like I am sixteen still but I am supposed to be thirty-six years of age. Kaori replied. Alright then should call you by your proper title? Natasha asked. No that will make me feel old. Kaori replied. Alright then, lets research about mine. Natasha replied. Onward to your room. Natasha replied. Why my room go to your own room. Kaori replied. Come on stop being meanie. Natasha replied. No means no. I want to get out this uniform so let me change. Kaori replied. Alright I want to get out of mine too. Natasha replied. After the two get out their uniforms and changed, they get in comfortable clothes. Now lets read this book. Natasha replied. Wow this book has a lot of information from the past events. Natasha replied. Mariah came over while Kaori and Natasha were changing. Mariah knocked on Natasha's door. Come in. Natasha replied.Hey Natasha I need to ask you a question? Mariah asked. What is it you want to ask me Mariah? Natasha asked. What is your connect to those people? Mariah asked. I use to be their leader causing mischief. That is also how I met Kai through them. Natasha replied. I met his lapdog of a sister, Katara. Natasha replied. I have a feeling we will encounter her again but on different terms. Kaori replied. Why do you say that? Natasha asked. Her fate is entangle with Mana Kyoyama. Kaori replied. 
What does Kaori mean they will encounter Katara again?
What does she have to do with Mana Kyoyama?  

Stay Tuned.  

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