Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


1. Harry Crawford

Her, she was everything I wanted. She was tanned. She had blonde-hazel curly hair. Her face porcelain and perfect, she had a petite nose, rosy red cheeks and perfectly chiseled cheekbones. Lips were red as blood and red wine. Her eyes black like the night. Her name, not Snow but Nina. The only problem was that she was from the Upper East Side. While I live, Brooklyn I don’t exist in her world but she existed in my world. We went to the same school and this is how the story began.


Nina grew up in a kingdom called the Upper East Side with rich billionaires all wanting to marry Nina. Her best friend, Ellie, that stood tall next to her when Nina’s life was falling apart. Ellie was shorter than Nina a bit of irony when she stands tall next to her. Ellie was brown-haired light skinned. She had green eyes that could light up one thousand people's worlds but if you broke her heart then she would break your life.


Anywhere, where do I began?

Nina, she had just come back from wherever she went. No one really knows because she just disappeared out of the blue. People think she went to rehab. Just rumours though. Not many people know why though.


Once there was a beauty princess (well a princess in my eyes), called Nina who had a lot of friends but a selected amount of best friends they are called Ellie, Gigi and Zayn. I wasn’t her prince in shining armour but I wanted to be. She was everything I wasn’t. The one thing we had been that I had a father but she only had a mother. Her mother and my father were friends in high school. They never really stayed in touch and I only found out recently.


‘Welcome Freshman's,’ a speaker said. ‘ A new start to the semester.’

I looked from Ariel to Sam. Ariel was my younger sister not many people knew as she liked to keep that one mystery for her friends to solve. Ariel was like the mother, blonde straight hair with pink highlights that made her stand out and she was really a big feminist, which is great but not when you are two men living in a house with her. Ariel most of all wanted to fit in at New York Harbor School.


She was precautionary biting her nails, when the school’s Queen Bee, Ellie Sharp and her minions came by. It felt like she wanted to be a minion, like everyone else, she would do anything. Ariel has an obsession with becoming a minion but she has a real talent for art, but like everyone else she thinks she is average but if you see her work, it is amazing. Ariel draws from her heart like she is that piece of art. She tells a story with her artwork. She makes the art have to mean to it. She thinks it is rubbish but then she says that about everything she does. Ariel puts herself down more times than she realizes and that makes me rage inside. She doesn’t think you can do anything with art like it is a waste of time. If she is good she should keep at it that’s what she doesn’t see. Most people knew the real reason why Ariel wanted to be a minion, she had a huge crush on guess who. That bitch. Ellie. My own sister wanted to be with Ellie. This girl who can make my life a living hell. Great!


From a distance away you can hear Ellie shouting at her minions. In my head I wonder why my sister would want a minion of Ellie, that is a girl thing probably. Anyway, there she was Nina Rhodes standing right next to her bitchy best friends Gigi Zayn and that human she-devil herself, Ellie.


As I walked up the hard cold stairs, someone nudged me more like a push, I lost balance and fell backwards down the stairs. Someone helped me up and I couldn’t believe who, I heard her voice, Nina. Her voice was crystal clear, ‘Are you alright,’ she said moderately loud but I still didn’t really hear it. Then just like that everything went dark.  The next thing I knew was that I was in the nurse’s office and Nina hovering over me, next to me was Ariel and Sam standing in the corner next to each other gossiping about who knows what. I still didn’t make out any noise it was like I had lost my hearing for a few hours. ‘It looks like you hearing has been wrecked from the fall,’ that much I lipread the next part she said all too quickly.


I was then given some pills and off we went back to class. Of course, Nina took her seat right at the front next to Ellie and in the middle of Gigi and Zayn. I sat in the back of the class invisible to everyone. The only person, who looked at the back was Nina and every time we had eye contact she would mouth ‘Are you okay?’ After a while, Ellie noticed and started to glare at me unconditionally. Ellie, she, even gave me the death stare.


After class, Gigi Zayn and Ellie all encircled me. Asked me why Nina was so intrigued by me. They, all, think I knew why. I wish I did but I don’t.

‘I am really unsure of why.’

‘Well, just to make it clear Nina would never date a shit head like you.’

‘How do you know?’ Said Nina herself.

She was right behind me. Everyone was just staring at us.  

I slowly crept away from the crowd of people. At that moment I wanted to disappear and be invisible.

‘Leave him, out of this, Harry is nothing to me. HIs sister Ariel.’

‘The gay one.’ Someone called.

‘Yes, as I was saying Ariel is friends with my brother Sam.’

Ellie butted in, ‘Why were you gazing at him during Spanish.’

‘ I wasn’t gazing at him, just looking in his general direction, nothing less. I promise Ellie. I’m still dating Ryan.’

‘The handsome one,’ Gigi said grinning.


I walked away my heart dropped to the floor. I thought I could mean something it her,  I guess I was wrong.

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