Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


2. Chapter Two: Nina Rhodes

I finally arrived home, mum like normal nowhere to be found. She didn't have a job but husband number six paid for most of my life, including Sam as well. My dad according to my mum is MIA in her life. In mine eyes, I actually have nothing to say never met the man and never want to meet that man. He left my mother, for a younger woman around the age of 25, he went when I was around three, however, Sam never knew him. I always wondered what it is like growing up with a father, not having anyone to look up to bother me, I am usually known as by his friends, of course, Sam’s hot older sister.


Anyway, Harry Crawford, he was the one, he was different. Different in a great sense, he wasn’t the normal person I would “hang out” with reality. All the people I “hung out” with really are very rich and/or many sluts really. The day I met Harry Crawford was the day everything changed the day I realised what I wanted more than anything. The day I fell in love but not just with him, his entire lifestyle of being invisible and not being noticed by other people.


“Hey, wait up,” I called after Harry. I finally court up to him. I called “Out…...Of …………. Breathe.” He chuckled to himself and as I recovered from that “mini hike” in heels. He helped me up. That feeling was magical. Even though he helped me up it was different compared to when Ryan does it. He was careful and he didn’t rush me.

“Hey, I am sorry about my friends.”

“Don’t be it’s not your fault at all.I was wondering if I could maybe erm  take you out for dinner.”

Without thinking I responded “Yes.”

It wasn’t like I wanted to cheat on Ryan but I wanted to kill the relationship and Harry happens to be a piece in my game for chess, no more no less. It wasn't like I was going to fall in love with him.


Harry brought out a different side of me. A side of me that I had never seen myself. It was a new and improved version of me. Someone I was actually proud of.  He changed me more than Ryan ever did. Harry made me feel special. I think I need to break up with Ryan.


“Why are you always hanging out Harry?” Gigi winked at me interrupting my thoughts about breaking with Ryan.

“Harry is a nice guy once you get to know him, anyway  I have to get ready for my date with.”

“With Ryan, right?” Ellie interrupted me before I finished talking.

“No with, erm, Harry,” I said as I tripped on all of my words

“Harry!” Said Ellie spitting out her drink and slipping it on my face. “Why are you going out with him. He is trying to find his way into the “inner-circle”.

“What are you thinking? That Harry is going to get in our group because of me. I know him he is a nice guy, unlike you guys.” I screamed at her, I fled out not knowing why I was just angry. Angry at Elie. Angry at Gigi. Angry at everyone but most of angry at myself. Thinking how dumb the “inner-circle” is.

I didn't care about the Inner-Circle bullcrap. I just wanted to be understood by my friends and myself, but still didn’t understand how to tell people that I was not just someone with a lot of money but that I was different but I don’t think anyone would understand what I was going through or talking about.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Ryan smiling with that smile that could lighten up the world, just not mine anymore.  My heart was telling me to break up with him but my gut was saying not to.

Ryan wrapped his arms around me I felt protected by him but not safe he wasn’t the one anymore to me. I had to tell him though. I didn’t what to tell me but I need to he needs to know the truth. The truth was he wasn’t the guy for me and I didn’t love him anymore.


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