Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


12. Chapter Twelve: Nina Rhodes

I wondered what had happened in there because Harry wasn’t angry but he wasn’t calm either. He was a mixture of both and it was weird. He rushed out of Ellie’s house and didn’t even say bye. Maybe he was very angry or maybe Ellie had done something.


I walked up to her room leaving Sam sitting on the stairs playing on his phone, I was about to knock on the oak door when I heard a soft noise of someone crying. I walked in and there in her bathroom was Ellie lightly but rushing to get rid of her tears. Perhaps, Harry saw her crying and didn’t want to give her a hard time or maybe she was faking it. This could have been a possibility as she has done this before, (and I mean a lot of times you would think she is a paid actress that is just made to cry). Faking crying is her thing. Like mine is being an awesome fashion icon.


‘Ellie,’ I walked over to her and wrapped a blanket that I found on her bed and place it on her ‘why are you upset?’ I said in a soothing voice.

‘I’m scared.’ Ellie replied. This is the worst I have ever seen her, this is real. She can’t be faking this.

‘Sacred of what?’ I replied quickly

‘Scared of losing everyone.’

‘You are never going to lose me.’ I said sternly

She smiled, a lighter smile than usual.

‘Thank you, Nina, that means a lot.’ Ellie said with tears still in her eyes.

I hugged her tight but she didn’t wrap her arms back around me.

‘I have to go, Sam, is downstairs and I need to talk to Harry.’ I said as I grabbed my phone that I placed on the table by the bed and said goodbye to Ellie.


Ellie still couldn’t have been just scared of losing me there must have been something else she is scared about. I can feel it.

‘Sam let’s go.’ I said as I speeding fast down the stairs and walking straight to the front door where Ellie’s brother Elias was standing ready to open the front door and allowing us to leave.


I took out my phone and texted Harry,

Hey, what did you and Ellie talk about? Xx


‘Everything alright,’ Sam asked.


‘Not really, just usually Harry returns my text within in seconds and he hasn’t yet.’ I sounded very anxious.


‘It is probably nothing, I’ll call him now.’ Sam said trying to make me feel reassured.


He typed Harry’s name into his phone and touched the dial button. The line began to ring.

‘Hey, it’s Harry leave a message after the beep and I will try and get back to you.

‘It went straight to voicemail.’ Sam said, this somehow sent chills down my spine.


Harry never normally does this, he is very good at texting back and picking up the phone. It is not too hard.

‘Maybe his phone is out of battery.’ Sam said

‘That is probably all it is.’ I replied quickly.


We grabbed a taxi as I was not walking a few blocks when there was a taxi right there. When we get home mother was passed out on the sofa with a glass of champagne next to her. I lifted her from the waist up and Sam from below and took mother upstairs and placed her on her bed to carry on sleeping.


I wonder what Harry is doing I bet his mother is not like this, I didn’t know much but Harry’s family. Other than his sister Ariel, I don’t know who else he has. Does he even have a mother? I need to ask him these questions when I see him next.


Harry still hasn’t texted him back this is not like him at all. I wonder what has happened, maybe he is a the hospital visiting Ariel and he can’t use his phone. There is nothing to worry about. I keep telling myself that but what happens if there is?


I took out my phone and tried to call Harry again, yet again went to voicemail. So then I texted him;

Harry can you give me a call as I’m worried as you haven’t replied. Xx


Still no response.

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