Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


3. Chapter Three: Harry Crawford

Today was the day I was taking Nina Rhodes out for dinner. The girl of my dreams, I was taking her out. I knew one day she would say ‘yes’ to a date with me. But I didn’t know it would be now. This gave me a rush of excitement just thinking that I was taking Nina Rhodes on a date. It may sound like I am acting like a little girl but Nina has and still is the girl of my dreams and probably will always be.

‘Hey man, you look happy.’ Said Sam smiling right at me.

‘You must know why?’ I replied eyeing Nina quickly.

‘Oh, right, Nina was talking about it when she got back yesterday.’

‘Really Nina was talking about me with your mother.’ I replied in shock.

I wasn’t expected to be a conversation at the Rhodes family dinner table. That was an honour. Me, Harry Crawford, a topic at their family dinner.

‘Oh, Yeah in great details too.’ Smiled Sam.

‘Thanks for that.’ I smiled and then walked away from Sam as Ariel began to come into view. Showing that it was my time to leave.


As I backed away from Sam, I wondered into Zayn and guess who else that’s right Ellie.

‘Watch it, weirdo.’ Shouted Zayn in my ear hole

‘Stay away from Nina.’ Screamed Ellie

‘She is dating Ryan and she would never date someone like you.’ Zayn said like he was having a panic attack just thinking about the thought.

‘Your never going to get into the inner-circle so stop trying, you freak.’  Whispered Ellie.

‘I know that I am ever going to be good enough for Nina, but neither are you guys.’ I screamed this at the top of my lungs and walked away.


I knew that I was never going to be good enough for someone like Nina, but I thought I could try and make her happy like she made me happy every time she would walk into the room. I think everyone in the year heard what I had to say to Ellie and Zayn. Now my life is going to be hell. I just hope that Nina didn’t hear any of that.


This was going to be the best evening of my life, I was taking the most attractive girl in the world. I was spending my entire life savings on this date.

‘ OMG, you look like a gentleman, wearing a suit and tie for the first time in forever.’ grinned Ariel.

‘Thanks, do I not look amazing all the time.’ I chuckled at her.


‘Taxi.’ I yelled at the top of my voice.

I sat in silence in the taxi so nervous. My palms were sweating and my knees were weak, I felt like I was about to collapse. I went to knock on the door of her mansion, which was triple the size of mine.


The maid, I believe, opened the door. Sam a few minutes later came rushing down the huge stairwell like in the movies.


‘Your looking sharp! ‘ Exclaimed Sam

‘Like always.’ I said smirking.


Then the most attractive girl walked down the stairs, she was wearing a stunning red dress that flowed like the ocean. She walked down the stairs like a princess waiting to be coronated.


‘Hey Harry,’ she said as she smiled while tucking a single strand of hair behind her ear.

‘Hey.’ I mumbled still clear enough for her to hear it though.

‘Nina come in the living room.’ Called her mother I believe.

‘Coming mother.’

‘And bring Harry in too.’ She called out after.

As we walked into the living room, her mother was sitting a leather couch drinking wine. She was pale however she had similar features to Nina. Just looked a bit older.


‘Nina you look amazing. Likewise, you do too Harry.’ Smiled her mother

‘Thank you, Mrs Rhodes.’ In a very polite voice, I replied

‘Oh Please, call me Emma.’

‘Okay, thanks, Emma.’ I said nervously.

‘Mum we need to get going now.’ Said, Nina, as she leaned into Emma giving her a kiss on the forehead.

‘Bye sweetie have a fun evening! Take good care of her’ Emma called out from behind



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