Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


10. Chapter Ten: Nina Rhodes

I hope Harry is okay after that outburst at lunch, I just still can’t believe that he accused me of telling the school that Ariel has Cancer.


‘Hey,’ I said in a soothing voice when I answered his phone call.

‘Who do you think told everyone?’ He inquired in a ‘let’s get to business tone.’

‘I don’t know, but I’ll find out.’

‘You promise.’ He said in a shaking voice.

‘ I promise.’ I said as I hang up the phone and walked out of my bathroom where Ellie had her ear against the door, listening to my conversation with Harry.

‘Ellie, what are you doing?’

‘Why did you break up with Ryan?’

‘We just don’t connect any more, you and Ryan seem a better fit.’ I said in a pleasant tone. She seemed quite happy with my answer.

‘I have liked Ryan since the first day we meet him.’

‘So, you have had a crush on my ex-boyfriend. ‘

‘Yes.’ Ellie replied sharply

‘Thanks for coming to tell me but to be honest I don’t give a crap.’ I said very calmly.

‘Can I date him?’ Ellie replied in a hushed tone.

‘I don’t give a crap about you and Ryan, I have my own shit to worry about.’


When I walked away from my ‘mini fight,’ from Ellie. She was my best friend and I lashed out at her for no reason.

I have always felt that Ellie had like Ryan from the little glances when Ryan had come round.; Ellie, also, likes older guys and Ryan is one year older than both of us. They would be a perfect couple.


‘Nina, are you alright?’ Zayn asked sweetly.

‘Fine, I just wanna know who spread the rumours of Ariel’s cancer.’ I replied in a cold manner still being angry at Ellie but taking it all out on the people around me.

‘I don’t know maybe someone who hates Harry or Ariel.’

‘Someone like Ellie, right?’

‘Maybe, but why do you care?’

‘Cos he is a friend that I care about.’

‘Okayy.’ Zayn said.


I whipped out my phone and texted Harry.  

Harry, I think I know who spread a rumour. Meet me at Cafe Jax in 10. xx

He replied within minutes.

Sure will be there soon just at the hospital with Sam. xx

Okayy, cool. xx


It was a five-minute walk from my house to the cafe but it was much longer from Harry, at some point I nearly left the Cafe. Then I saw him running from the taxi and Sam behind him huffing on his way into the Cafe.


‘So, who was it? Sam and Harry said in unison.

‘First, sit down you two and then we'll talk.’ I said two both of them in a teacher’s voice.

‘Okay, I am sitting down.’ Harry replied politely, Sam did the same thing.

‘The person who spread the rumour was…’

‘OMG tell us already.’ Said Sam energetically.

‘It was Ellie, I believe.’ I replied quickly.

‘Ellie, cos you probably told her that is why?’ Harry said a little louder.

Sam looked at Harry in awe at what he said.  ‘Don’t accuse Nina of something she didn’t do.’

‘Fine. I am going to ask Ellie myself.’

‘When?’ I replied in a sharp tone.

‘Tomorrow and you are not going to stop me.’ Harry replied before he stormed out.

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