Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


6. Chapter Six: Nina Rhodes

I feel very bad for Harry, hearing that his sister has cancer that must have killed him. The date was terrific one of the best I have ever been on. Okay, the best date ever. I can’t wait to tell Gigi and Ellie all about it. Shit. I can’t they all think I am still dating Ryan, I need to find a way to break up with him.


‘Sam, I am back.’ I breathed quietly hoping not to wake mother up.

‘How was the date with Harry?’ He responded in his normal tone.

‘It was good but we had to cut the date a little short’

‘Why?’ Sam said interrupting me.

‘Cos Harry had to rush to the hospital.’ I replied in a hushed tone.

‘Tell me about it in the morning. I going to sleep.’ Sam answered and fell asleep right in front of me.

‘Night,’ I whispered as I walked towards the door of his bedroom.


I just can’t believe what I have heard that Ariel, Harry’s sister, might have cancer. It is too unreal someone I know could have cancer. Cancer. It just doesn’t feel possible. Ariel being what fourteen years old. I just can’t imagine and now she might not have long to live.  All of this was in my mind as I drifted off to sleep.


‘There goes the alarm.’ Blared from my phone.

‘Alright, I am up,’ I reply to my phone, yes my phone.


All the thoughts from yesterday come flooding back to me, how much of a gentleman Harry was and the upsetting news Harry had heard about his sister. I would be a  total wreck if I heard that Sam had cancer

‘Get up, princess.’ Yelled Sam from downstairs, while preparing breakfast.

‘Do I smell pancakes?’ I yelled back in response to him as I ran down the stairs. ‘They smell so good.’

‘So how did the date go?’ Sam said sweetly.

‘It was the best date I have ever been on, Harry is one of the most caring people ever.’ I smiled at him.

‘That’s good, so you are going to break up with Ryan, or…’

‘I have to break up with soon, Harry’s life is so much similar without Drama and not being the eye of everyone’s attention.’ I said as I tried to change the subject

‘So why did the date end early?’ Sam questioned

‘Oh, no reason.’ I replied trying to lie my way out of this.


I went to grab a stack of pancakes and pour on some maple syrup on. These looked so good, Sam has always been a natural chef, he is very talented and he never takes credit. They are the most delicious stack of pancakes ever. But I just can’t stop thinking about Harry and what is going through.


‘Sam and Nina, come to the door your friends are here.’ Called mother

‘Coming, ‘ I squealed back to her.

Sam, however, continued to eat his pancakes in the kitchen, mother never knew that he didn’t hang around with Gigi’s or Zayn’s younger brother and sister, he normally would be seen with Ariel and now that it is not possible as she in hospital.


‘San why don’t you come with us, it will be fun and I do need my fashion consulate.’  I whispered hoping he might hear me.

‘FIne.’ He responded in an appalling manner

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