Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


7. Chapter Seven: Harry Crawford

‘Wake up’ Called Ariel lying on her hospital bed

I started to awake as she called me, but all I could think about was Ariel having cancer and having to stay in bed, and not her pleasant bed at home a boring hospital bed.


At that moment, my phone began to ring.

‘Hey, Hailee.’ I said into my cell phone

‘I thought I should tell you that Ariel your best friend is in the hospital.’ I whispered as Ariel didn’t want everyone to know she was in the hospital...

‘Bye, hope to see you soon, Ariel will be very happy.’ I replied to Hailee.


‘Hailee may or may not be coming to visit and then we might go shopping.’  I said at lighting speed hoping she won’t get too angry I was wrong.

‘Hailee, I told you not to tell anyone!’ She was angry but trying to keep her calm.

‘She is your best friend as she has a right to know.’ I said in a bittersweet tone.

‘Fine,’ Ariel whispered as when I turned around stood Hailee in ripped jeans wearing a crop top.


‘Dr Reid, I was wondering could we take Ariel  shopping for a bit?’ I said smiling at her

‘Sorry, but Ariel needs to rest but in two days time you can.’ Dr Reid responded by smiling

‘Sorry, Ariel may next time.’ I said sadly.


When we left I was still a little upset that Ariel couldn’t come with us but Hailee is great company anyhow and maybe she can give me some fashion tips.


‘Taxi’ Shouted Hailee on the top of her lungs.

We got in the taxi, it was silent the entire ride, this silence took me back to last night, how the taxi ride was mute as well. Finally, we are here and this awkward silence can end.


‘Where do you wanna go?’ I uttered to her.

‘How about ‘Pretty Little Thing,’

‘Sure,’ I said in a bored tone.

While we were heading to pretty little things out of the corner of my eye, I saw Nina with Sam and her group of friends and I blushed as she smiled at me, and I quicken my pace and just wished that we wouldn’t bump into each other.


‘Why are you blushing?’ said Hailee grinning at me.

‘No reason,’ I replied whilst keeping my other eye where Nina was last at.

‘OMG, you like Nina Rhodes, the Nina Rhodes,’ Hailee shouted but not too high as only a few people looked at us.

‘Yes okay, let’s continue shopping.’ I said slightly in embarrassed.


We continued shopping, Hailee browsed through the clothes. I had an awkward encounter with Gigi. Shit. Why did I have to bump into her? Anyone but her, okay maybe not Ellie either as Ellie is a nasty little demon.


‘Watch it, ‘ whispered Gigi under her breathe as she walked past me to go to the dressing room.

‘Here you go, Nina, why don’t you try this black dress on. It will be perfect for your date with Ryan.’ Gigi said smirking at me.


She is still dating Ryan so what was yesterday just a way I was able to repay her and that it meant nothing to her, I meant nothing to her.


‘Hey, Harry’ uttered Sam

‘Ahh !’ I shouted at him.

‘What are you doing here in Pretty Little Things, you realize that this is a girl’s shop.’

‘I am here with Hailee shopping to find something for Ariel.’ I said.

‘Oh that’s cool, so where is Ariel then?’ Sam said as if he knew I was lying.

‘Hey Nina, guess who I bumped into.’ Sam said smiling, there I stood behind Sam.

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