Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


9. Chapter Nine: Harry Crawford

I have to wake up and face reality, it’s Monday. Great. People always say that monsters live what under your bed or inside your head but my monsters are the friends of the girl who had stolen my heart.

I opened the large black doors of the school and cautiously entered hoping I would not bump into Ellie or Gigi and even Nina. Today I wanted a drama-free day.


However, this is not the day I got at all.  English the only subject I give a damn about. In English we are studying ‘An Inspector Calls,’ I love this play as it shows that young people are more malleable than older people who are just straight up stubborn.  This is like the new money and old money at this school. The new money is people like me and Hailee, we are at this school because we are smart and we earned a scholarship, old money, however, are people like Nina and Gigi they are at this school because their parents can pay the fees and they might be smart, but it is highly unlikely.


‘What is everyone whispering about?’ I say also whispering to Josh. Josh, is Ariel’s friend Hailee older brother, he had a tan all year round like Meghan Markle, I should now say the Meghan the Duchess of Sussex.  

‘Did you hear that Ariel Crawford might have cancer.’ Josh replied in a hushed whisper

Fuck. How did people know I bet Nina told Gigi and Ellie.

After that bombshell on me, I couldn’t sit still the whole lesson I was ready to give Nina a piece of my mind. I ran out of the classroom and went straight into the cafeteria where I knew I would find Nina.


I walked towards her table where everyone was crowding around and I faced Nina and rage boiled inside of me. I just wanted to kill her.

‘You are a dumb bitch.’ I screamed at her.

‘I’,m sorry what?’ Nina said remaining calm.

‘You told that bitch friend Ellie that Ariel has cancer.’ I said still screaming but Nina not flinching at all. She didn’t retaliate and get angry but just let me shout at her.

‘I did no such thing.’ Nina said in a very posh tone.

‘Yes, you did else how would you and your shitty friends know.’

‘Stop accusing me of shit I didn’t do, I never told anyone that Ariel had cancer but you just confirmed it.’ That was the first fight we ever had and I hoped would be our last.

‘So then who told everyone,’ this time I was calmer but I still had anger in me that  I couldn’t let it go off.

‘I don’t know, okay but it wasn’t me, I promise.’

‘Why should I believe you?’ I said in a tone that made it sound like she had stabbed me in the back.

‘Cos I am telling the truth.’ She said as grabbed my hand before I turned away leaving, my mind replaying those words over and over again, I am telling the truth. I wanted to believe her but she, other then Hailee was the only person I had told and her friends being gossips and she too makes me believe it was her.


‘Harry,’ called a voice in the distant.

‘What?’ I replied not even looking who it was.

It is me, Sam.’

‘Great’ I said in a sarcastic tone.

‘What happened to Ariel?’ He said in a concerning tone.

‘Ariel is not coming to school for awhile.’ I said in a kinder voice than before. I had hoped Nina would have chased after me but I am kind of happy she didn’t. It gave me time to think about what I had said to her. I accused her of telling everyone that Ariel had cancer.


‘Why isn’t she?’ Again the same tone, he actually cared about Ariel, she is one of his best friends. I wished I had friends who are always there for me.

‘Sam, Ariel has cancer.’ I muttered under my breath.

‘Sorry, I didn't hear you.’

I said in a louder voice, ‘Ariel has cancer.’ Still wishing it wasn’t true, only fourteen she hasn’t even lived life to the fullest yet.

‘What!’ Sam exclaimed ‘Can I go see her?’

‘I’m going later you come then if you want too.’

‘Sure, I might.’ Sam said in a cheerful voice.


‘Hey, Ariel so the entire school may have found out that you have cancer.’ I said hoping not to get into another argument.

‘How?’ She said not asking but begging.

‘Someone, I don’t know who but someone found out and told the school, also Sam is here to see you.’

‘Hey Sam.’ Ariel said in a charming voice however underneath felt broken.

‘Are you alright?’ Sam said in a caring voice.

‘Good.’ Ariel replied sweetly

I left them in the room to catch up and I phoned Nina.

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