Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


4. Chapter Four: Nina Rhodes

He was taking me far away from my reality. I don’t know where I was at all. It was distance place in Brooklyn. I don’t remember where. We went to see a band called ‘The Pretty Reckless,’ I have never heard of them till after Harry took me to see them. He was so happy like he was in his own bubble and I was being allowed into his bubble. Harry was in his element and he was free, and so was I. I was able to be free with Harry more than I have been able to be free with Ryan or anyone else.


Harry then took me to a restaurant called Sal’s.

‘This place does the greatest food on earth for a very cheap price.’ He said smiling.

‘This place is very different from where I usually go.’ I replied in a happy tune.

‘I Know it is my favourite restaurant here in Brooklyn. I need to know why you went on this date with me?’ Harry said in frustration.

‘I went on this date as I thought it would be fun and I was right. Why do you ask?’

‘Cos of what I said on Thursday.’ Harry murmured weakly.

‘Oh right, that little speech, Ellie told me.’ I responded.

I forgot about that, I completely cleared that from my mind.

Harry is the opposite, he is completely different from me and I enjoyed all the places he has taken m. They have been new and exciting experiences. He is amazing he has a new and old soul. Harry can keep me guessing for days, it is exhilarating. Harry makes me feel alive.


After a pleasant dinner, which was surprisingly good. We walked on the beach and Harry fell over and he rushed to the light crystal like the ocean.


‘Harry your phone is ringing.’ I called out to him from the beach.

‘Coming,’ Harry replied as he slowly climbed out of the ocean. I never noticed that Harry Crawford had muscles. Not the small pathetic type but not Zac Efron type a little in between and he looked fit.


‘Thanks, Nina.’ He said cheerily as I gave his phone to him.

‘Hey, dad, what’s up?’

‘Alright, we’re coming.’

‘Yes, Nina and I.’

As he ended the phone call, he had a worried look in his eye.

‘Nina, I need to go,’ Harry said anxiously while putting on his Tee-Shirt.

‘I am coming with you.’ I sternly said.

‘Fine.’ He said as he paced towards the car.

He gripped the steering wheel, placed his foot on the accelerator. We went 0 -60 in under one minute I believe.

‘What happened between you and your dad?’ I said

‘He calling saying that Ariel has been taken to the hospital.’


As he pulled up to the hospital he parked the car quickly. He ran out of the car, while I was pacing behind Harry.

‘Harry, wait up!’ I was screaming at Harry, but he was already running down to Ariel’s room. Once I regained my breath I followed behind Harry quickly. When we got to Ariel’s room. I waited outside as I didn’t want to intrude.


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