Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


5. Chapter Five: Harry Crawford

As I walked into the room I saw dad, he was a pale like figure worse than I had ever seen him. Ariel was soundlessly sleeping, her heart rate was normal 70 like I hoped.

‘Hey dad, I came as rapidly as I could.’ I whispered hoping to not wake up Ariel.

‘Come sit down lad.’ He said gesturing to the sofa he was currently sitting on.

At the same time while I was about to take a sit, Ariel’s eyed slowly crept open.



‘Hey,’ she said smiling happily at me.


‘What happened?’ Why are you here?’ I had so many questions that I wanted to blurted them all out but I didn’t.

‘I’m fine, don’t worry.’

‘Then why are you in hospital?’ I questioned Ariel.

‘’I am here because I have excessive fatigue.’ Ariel responded.

‘What does excessive fatigue have to do with you in hospital.?’ I questioned her

‘They want to run test and know why I have fatigue.’

‘All you need is sleep,’ I said like a know it all.

‘No they think i might have cancer.’

‘Cancer.’ I yelled in a high pitch voice.

Cancer, I can’t believe my sister, Ariel might have cancer. I just can’t think that my sister has a cancer. For how long has she know she might have had cancer.


‘Harry, are you okay?’ Ariel said breaking my train of thought.


‘I just don’t like the thought of you having cancer.’ I replied bitterly like it was a dumb question to ask. Just before I was going to scream, the nurses busted in.


‘Dr Reid, nice to meet you.’ She smiled as she extend out her hand for me to shake.


‘Harry Crawford, Ariel’s brother.’ I replied and I shook her hand.

‘We need to check her white blood cells.’ She replied.

‘Okay cool, I will come round tomorrow.’ I uttered to Ariel.

‘That’s cool, I guess I will see you tomorrow.’ Ariel whispered as dad like normal had already fallen asleep.

‘I love you.’ I whispered as I kissed Ariel on her forehead.


As I walked out of the door Nina was sitting anxiously biting her nails like Ariel did the first day of school. Nina was so delightful sitting there, she looked so scared for me and I wish that I could have called her ‘mine’.



‘Hey Nina,’ I said when she looked up she reminded me of a scared child.


‘Oh, hey I didn’t see you there,’ she smiled as she looked up towards me.

‘Ready to go.’ I said

‘Go where?’ She asked nervously

‘I am going to take you home.’ I whispered as I pulled her closer.

The entire ride home was silent, I am guessing she heard me scream the word cancer but she didn’t want to talk about it at all.  It was the most awkward car journey yet.


‘We are here.’ I said in a solemn voice, as I opened the door to her house where her maid, I think greeted us.


‘Thanks for a great evening.’ Nina muttered sweetly kissing my left cheek.

‘No problem, I’ll see you on Monday.’ I said as I paced slowly back to my car.


How did one of the best nights of my life turn into one of my worst?  



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