Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


11. Chapter Eleven: Harry Crawford

I stormed at of the Cafe in a full rage and I just wanted to kill Ellie how dare she tell everyone that Ariel has cancer. She had no right, Nina had no right to tell her and I guess that's why I have trust issues.


I just don’t understand how anyone could be that cruel and want to spread a rumour like that even if it is true how could someone be so cruel? Why does she want to punish me and Ariel we have done nothing to her ever. Else she thinks that she can get to me through Ariel in a way to tell me to back off Nina, well that is not going to happen. Just knowing that Ellie had done something like that makes my blood boil.


Still storming off from the cafe; Nina called out from behind but I ignored her as I was fuming and I didn’t want to talk to away until I gave Ellie a piece of my mind. Just

pretend they are not there, nothing is going to stop me from ripping her head off.


‘Harry, what will you say?’ Said Nina trying to keep up with my pace.

‘I am going to ask her if she could take it back would she? I said in a bitter tone and I didn’t look back. I was in pain and I was going to take the pain out on the right person this time. Ellie, she was going to feel my wrath not Sam nor Nina but Ellie.

She was the one that I now had bad blood with and I am taking it out on her.

Ellie maybe the school’s mean girl/ It girl but she has crossed a line, what right did she have to tell everyone and how did she even know?

I finally reached her house and then I banged on the door, the door echoed and then suddenly opened but there was no one behind the door, it was though the door was opened by magic. However out popped a petite looking boy who looked meek and miserable, he must be someone who had meet the wrath of Ellie James and what a terrible wrath she has. Yet she has no idea how vexed I was.


Behind me still was Nina and Sam, now both coming to a holt and entering the house following my lead. I was somehow excited and scared at the same time if the rumours I had heard about Ellie’s wrath is true. I was about to make Ellie a run for her money because she messed with the wrong Crawford.


‘Come on in,’ He said in a shy whisper.

‘Thanks, is Ellie home?’ I asking hoping she would be.

‘She is upstairs in her room.’ He replied still in a meek voice.

I wondered if this boy was her brother or a servant’s son because at this point I couldn't tell. Her brother or Servant son no one deserves the anger of Ellie.


I stormed upstairs to her room, and to my surprise she was crying. I didn’t know whether I should comfort her or not. I was confused about what to do.  Out of guilt and because I have compassion I sat down next to her.

She was just there crying i don’t think she noticed me next to her. It was like her entire world had been shattered and no one was there to help her rebuild it but me. At  this point I wished that Nina or even Gigi was with me as they could help comfort Ellie instead, rather than me being in this awkward situation.


I wrapped my arms around her and she was suddenly consumed by me and I believe that she felt safe and cozy. I began to wipe her tears with a tissue I found on her bed stand and carefully dabbed her tears away, this is one of the sides of Ellie I had never seen. I never knew that Ellie James had feelings. I still don’t think she knew it was me until she looked up in shock and surprise.


‘You, what are you doing here?’ Ellie said now back in her cold-hearted attitude. She quickly lifted my arm from her shoulders and walked towards her bathroom.


‘I came here to shout at you and ask why did you tell everyone that Ariel had cancer!’ I barked back at her with anger in my eyes.


‘Oh that I did that out of spite you are taking everyone I have away from me.’ She said in a way that I began to feel sorry for her.


‘Who am I taking away from you?’ I said in a feeling sorry for you tone but still didn’t care.


‘You are taking Nina away from me. She is my best friend and you are taking her away from me.’ She said like she was spilling her guts to me.

‘I didn’t realise is that why you are upset.’ I said in a sweet tone like I had done something bad and was apologising for it.

‘Aren’t you hear to shout at me for telling everyone that Ariel had cancer.’ She said.

‘Right,’ but I couldn’t do it I had just seen a side of Ellie that I had never seen before and I was about to hurt her again.

‘If you aren’t going to please can you stay away from Nina and Sam for awhile.’ She whispered as she knew where even I went that Nina or Sam, or maybe even both, would be right behind me.

‘Fine, I promise but until your friendship is back to normal.’ I whispered back to her.

Did I just make a deal with the devil? This is going to be the death of me. I can’t stay away from Nina but I have to once you make a deal with Ellie, you better not break it because she is as sweet as sugar but can turn as cold as ice break her promise she will kill you twice.


I walked away from Ellie room towards the staircase where Sam and Nina were down stairs waiting like lost puppies the both of them. I think the expected me and Ellie to have had a big fight but we didn’t we just talked and now I have to stay away from Nina and Sam. This ain't’ going to be easy.

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