Two Different people fall in love but they also what to swap lives. It is told be them. Nina Rhodes and Harry Crawford


8. Chapter Eight: Nina Rhodes

‘Hey Harry,’ I said shockingly.

Did he hear Gigi saying that I was going on a date with Ryan? Does he think that our date means nothing and that he means nothing to me? Oh, God.


‘Hi,’ Harry said in a timid voice like he was a scared child.  ‘That’s a lovely dress.’

‘Thanks, Harry, that’s very sweet of you.’ I said sweetly.

‘Why are you talking to this jerk?’ Whispered Ellie only so that I could hear her.

‘Harry is not a jerk, he is a decent person.’ I responded in a loud voice.

‘Harry, what are you doing?’ I asked.

‘I’m shopping for something to give to Ariel.’ Harry responded.

‘Is Ariel with you?’ Sam butted in.

‘No, Ariel is at home. I am with her best friend Hailee. Harry has still not told Sam that Ariel has cancer, it is probably because he doesn’t believe it himself.


‘Harry, can I talk you in private for a second?’ I pronounced.

‘Sure,’ Harry replied.

Harry followed me into the changing room, like a little puppy.

‘So what did you wanna talk about?’ Harry said quietly

‘Have you told anyone about Ariel has cancer? ‘ I whispered.

‘Just Hailee and you no one else, not even Sam.’

‘Why?’ I asked

‘ Ariel doesn’t want everyone to know that she has cancer.’ Harry said a bit louder than a whisper but I don’t think anyone had heard. Then he left me standing in the changing room.

Following him out, I caught sight of Ellie. Could she have heard Harry talking about Ariel having cancer? Shit. That can’t be good.


‘Bye Harry see you at school Tomorrow.’ I said as he was walking away back to Hailee.

‘So what did guys talk about?’ Sam said in a meek voice.

‘Just what he might get Ariel for her birthday.’ I replied in a sharp tone. I hate lying to Sam but Harry doesn’t want to tell people as it is against Ariel’s wishes. And I have respected that.


‘Come on guys let’s continue shopping.’ Said Gigi in a pleasant voice.

‘Why do you talk to that Jerk, Harry.’ Zayn said in a low voice as he knew that Sam and Harry were friends.

‘Harry and I have history class together and we got paired to work on a project. So I was asking him some questions on that. But Harry is not a jerk and he is a smart guy with a lot going on.’ I said in a deadly voice.


We continued to shop in silence after Zayn and I had that conflict. I decided to buy the black dress that Harry said I looked beautiful in. However I was going to wear this dress when I broke up with Ryan.


After shopping Ellie, Gigi and I, we come back to mine to help me get ready for my ‘break-up’ date with Ryan. The girls didn’t know this and I was happy that for once they didn’t know something about my life.

‘OMG’ Squealed Gigi ‘you look amazing, Ryan is going to love the dress.’

‘That’s your man.’ Said Ellie eagerly as she went rushing towards the door.

‘Hey, Ellie.’ Ryan said in his confidence voice like always.

‘Hey, Ryan.’ Ellie said beaming. She seemed happier to see Ryan then I did.

‘There you are beautiful.’ Ryan said as he swept me up in his arms.

I felt safe in his arms but I was lying to myself I wanted to be with Ryan but part of me wanted to be with Harry.


The journey to the restaurant was silent and I felt very awkward with Ryan. When we arrived the waitress took us to our table, the table where we had our first date. It was magical, the first time went here, I was so in love with Ryan, he was amazing and three years older. But he was the first guy I ever have fallen in love with.


‘Hey Nina, are you alright?’  Ryan said

‘No I’m not.’ I said a little angry

‘Why not?’ Ryan asked.

‘I don’t love you anymore.’ I blurted it out and in a louder voice than expected and the entire restaurant went quite

‘What are you saying?’ Ryan said calmly.

‘I think I am breaking up with you.’ I said sternly and walked out of the restaurant.

I finally broke up with Ryan. I need to tell Harry or Sam or just someone, anyone.

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