This is a poem I wrote about a strange item in a cupboard. At the moment it ends on a cliffhanger, but I might add more.
Hope you enjoy it!


1. Him

I was sitting in the corner,

All alone. By myself.

When suddenly I saw something,

Up on a shelf.

It was flashing and beeping and moving to,

I didn't know what it was,

Or what to do.

Then the door opened,

And in came a man.

With a sinister smile,

And a list, in his hand. 

He couldn't see me,

He didn't know I was there.

Lucky for me, I avoided his glare.

Why was he here?

Who even was he?

Was he looking for something,

Like a book, or lost car key?

No, now he was reaching,

Out to the thing

The thing that was bleeping and moving and shaking

He saw it,

He smiled,

He started to laugh.

I wondered why he was being so daft.

Then he smiled his sinister smile once more,

Turned on his heel and strode out of the door.

Who was he?
Why was he here?

Now I get the feeling,

He's always near. 

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