NaLu Story

JUst your typical Nalu Story


1. NaLu: The Whole Story

Lucy walks into her house after a long day of keeping Natsu and Gray from getting to each other's throats and decides to take a long, warm bath. Before she gets undressed she hears someone burst into her house. Being very annoyed by the fact they just rudely barged in, she went downstairs to see what happened but was knocked out by the intruder. When she comes to she awakens to see all of her Fairy Tail friends in the room with her, except for one or two. She immediately started to yell to get everyone to calm down and they could work together to figure out who wasn't there. After a little while, Lucy decides to look around and see if there is a way out. She then discovers that half of the people in the room are not properly tied up, so they can easily escape, Natsu being one of them. After she helps him get free, he starts to free everyone else. Then they realize that Happy is missing. Erza, Gray, and a couple of other people are not there too. Natsu uses his fire to destroy the place they were trapped in and find themselves in yet another room, this time with all the missing people in it, but they are trapped by a giant glass panel, that nobody can break. While everyone is trying to break it, Natsu and Lucy find some alone time in a corner hidden from all the chaos. Lucy is trying to think of ideas to get the glass broken, but Natsu had other plans. He pushed her against a wall and kissed her right smack dab on the lips. They pulled each other close, enjoying every second of it, wanting to do more, but not wanting to get caught by the guild, they stopped before it got intimate. They went back to the wall to find that it had a tiny hole in it. They found out that it just appeared. Soon they both realized that love was the only way to break the wall. Soon they got everyone to announce their love for someone in the group, and the wall disappeared little, by little. It was almost gone, but then it went back to its original state, for some reason. Apparently, a guy had proposed to a girl and got rejected, which terminated his love for everyone. That last bit of love was all that was needed to get rid of the wall. She knew how important that it was for his love to be present, and realized that she actually had feelings for him(this is not Lucy just a random girl in the guild). So, she took her answer back and changed it to a yes, everyone’s love combined was so strong, it removed the glass and every brick in between them and the outside world. Everyone was overly excited that they didn't realize their capturer was escaping through the rubble. Natsu caught the person and Lucy recognized him as her brother that sexually abused her as a child. Natsu was the only one who knew about it so when he found out that the person who kidnapped everyone was the same person who ruined his girlfriend's childhood he got so mad he fire dragon iron-fisted the guy and killed him. Everything went back to normal after a couple of weeks, and Natsu proposed to Lucy. She said yes of course. The end.




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