With A Swing

Amelia is new to a small school in small town with nothing to guide her but her cousin, Trevor. When an old court case gets brought up again, will Amelia be able to handle all the stress? Read on to find out.


2. Chapter Two

James turned into the room, then into a little room that looked like a hallway. Amelia followed and looked at the room. The wall on one side was lined with empty spaces and instruments. She looked up at James with a raised eyebrow.

 "Band lockers," He explained. She smiled and nodded and looked up at him, silently asking him what he was going to do next. James moved so he was in front of Amelia and he softly kissed her. She eagerly kissed back, wrapping her arms around his neck. He picked her up and set her on the small shelf that had been behind her. Amelia wrapped her legs around James and pulled him against her. She kissed him again, faster and rougher than she had before. He smiled against her lips and moved one hand to her side, the other to her thigh. He gently bit her lip, which resulted in Amelia arching her back and moving her kisses to his neck. James smiled, tilted his head to the side and began gently rubbing her thigh with his thumb.

Amelia had been enjoying this too much in her point of view.  Hoping to slow him down a little, she kissed him again and tangled her fingers in his blonde, curly hair. He kissed her in reply and began to softly kissed down her neck and unbutton her shirt. Amelia let her thoughts go and she tilted her head back, popping her chest out in just the slightest way. He pushed her shirt off her shoulder and began to gently suck on the base of her neck. Amelia gasped quietly and let out a small moan, equally as quiet. James pushed her against the wall behind the ledge and moved his thumb further up her thigh.

Someone cleared their throat from the entrance to the little room causing Amelia and James to freeze. “You two need to get to the assembly,” The old woman firmly said. Amelia nodded and began to quickly button her shirt back up.

"Yes Mrs. Johnson," James said with a blush spreading across his face. She stepped aside and let James walk out. Amelia quickly followed behind him and grabbed his hand.

"Who was that?" Amelia quietly asked James.

"Mrs. Johnson, she's the school counselor," He replied as he wrapped an arm around her. Amelia blushed more and nodded. "I love your bra, by the way," He added quietly with a smirk sitting across his face.


Amelia turned bright red and smiled a bit. "It's my favorite bra, so get used to it if you plan on doing more things like that," She nonchalantly responded. He smiled and kissed her cheek. They got to the auditorium and James walked to an aisle where the people from the table were sitting. He let Amelia enter the row first and he followed. Amelia sat next to Everett and smiled at him. Everett smiled back at her and carefully moved her hair away from her neck and smirked. "Nice, James," Everett quietly said to James. Amelia looked between them confusedly and raised an eyebrow.

"What, did you already tell him what happened? Do you two have some weird... bro sense or something?" Amelia asked, a slight tone of anger becoming apparent in her voice. Everett quietly sighed and gently touched the hickey on Amelia's neck. She couldn't see it but she knew what he was referencing. She gasped quietly and her hand shot up to cover it. "I can't believe you gave me a hickey!" Amelia angrily whispered to James.

James looked to the side and shrugged before Everett gently set a hand on Amelia's kneecap. "Chill, I'll cover it with some stage makeup once we're done here," He said, trying to get Amelia to calm down. Amelia nodded and leaned back in her seat. Everett took his hand off her knee when the principal began to talk. After his long greeting and speech about how he knew this year was going to be full of happiness and sunshine, he began to read off the names of people who had been grouped together for tours of the school.

All of the other people around her had been called, other than a boy that she had recognized from sitting at their table and a group of freshman. They all stood and walked to the aisle where they met as a group. "Well, I'm Thorne, as you can tell. I'm basically just gonna guide you around the school," A boy who had been sitting at the table with Amelia said. The group nodded and followed Thorne through the school as he gave a brief tour.

Amelia was following along at the back of the group, incredibly bored. Thorne finished the tour and walked to the hallway of freshman lockers. "Alright guys, so now we're just going to practice opening your lockers," He told them with a smile. All the freshman nodded and walked to their lockers. He turned to her and raised an eyebrow. "You sat at the table this morning, right?" He asked as he looked her over. Amelia blushed and nodded. "Well, sat there until James took you to the band room," He said as he looked to her neck.

Amelia blushed brightly and moved her hair back in front of her neck. "I swear, I never do things like that. He never told me he was gonna leave this on me, either. If he did, I wouldn't have followed him," She quickly replied, trying to justify herself.

"Hey, it's all good. It happens to the best of us," Thorne said to her. Amelia blushed and nodded. "Oh, do you want to go and practice opening your locker? You don't need to if you don't wanna," He asked.

"Oh, no. Thank you though," She replied with a smile. "I actually left my information sheet at home today so I just put my stuff in James' locker," Amelia added. Thorne smiled and nodded in reply to her statement and the two began to make small-talk about the school and things like that. After a couple minutes of small-talk, a bell rang. Amelia looked at Thorne with a raised eyebrow, silently asking what that bell was signifying.

"That's the breakfast bell," He explained. Amelia smiled and nodded, said goodbye and walked over to James' locker to see where he was going next. Everett, James, and a couple of other boys were standing around a locker, talking. Amelia walked over to them and stood next to Everett. James flashed a smiled at her, causing a blush to come across Amelia's face. Everett turned to her and smiled.

"Hey there, little one. Wanna cover that thing up real quick?" He asked as he looked down at her. She blushed and nodded, and began to follow Everett back into the band room and up some stairs.

"I'm not that little, I'm average height for someone my age. You're just freakishly tall," She said defensively.

Everett smiled and shook his head. "You're too cute," He said as he grabbed some makeup from a shelf. "Alright, now sit," He said as he pointed to a stool a couple feet away from Amelia.

Amelia sat in the chair and watched Everett grab makeup. He walked over to Amelia, handed her a few things to hold and undid the top button of her shirt so he could have better access to the mark on her neck. "Do you do makeup often?" Amelia asked as she tilted her head to the side.

"I don't, I just do my own makeup for plays," He said as he began to apply heavy foundation to cover the hickey.

"Plays?" Amelia asked as she looked up at him.

Everett smiled nodded. "Plays," he replied as he finished up her makeup. "Nothing that special, just the school ones," he added. He put the makeup back where he got it. "Wanna go back down now?" He asked.

Amelia pouted and shook her head. "No, there are too many freshman," she whined. Everett smiled and shook his head.

"I know, but there's only a couple hours of school left today. You'll survive today, tomorrow there will be people who are actually our age," Everett said with a smile. Amelia pouted a bit more but went down the stairs after a couple minutes and into the band room.

The rest of the day was spent cycling through the classes twice, lunch, and going through the classes once more. Finally, the last bell of the day wrung and Amelia quickly walked across the school to James' locker. He was standing at his locker and talking to someone when Amelia walked up and silently stood next to him. He was talking to one of the girls who had been sitting at the table they were sitting at earlier that morning.

The girl giggled and gently set and hand on James' shoulder as she was saying something, making quick eye contact with Amelia as she did it. James smiled at the girl and set his hand on the top of the locker as he leaned forward with a smirk settling across his face, still not acknowledging Amelia was standing there. Amelia looked down and took a small step back, directly into Thorne.

Amelia gasped and quickly turned to look at him. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," Amelia quickly said as a blush spread across her face.

"It's chill," he said with a smile. Amelia smiled and blushed.

"Thank you," She said with a small smile.

"Are you driving back to your house or are you riding the bus?" Thorne asked.

"I'm getting a ride from Trevvy," Amelia said with a smile.

"Oh sweet! I'm driving home so I'll walk you out," He said as he began walking. Amelia smiled and followed him. "So, how do you like school so far?" He asked as he looked to her.

"Well, today was pretty boring but I think it's gonna be good. This school already seems much more friendly than my last school," She replied.  This made Thorne raise an eyebrow and look at her. "I don't wanna talk about it," Amelia said as a blush came across her face. He nodded and smiled at her. "Besides, I wouldn't wanna bother you with all my troubles," She finished.

"Well, if you ever do wanna tell me your problems, here's my number," He said as he took a piece of paper out of his pocket and wrote his phone number on it. He tore the piece of paper out and handed it to her. Amelia took it and smiled at him. She gave him a quiet 'thank you' before walking out the doors that she had entered seven hours earlier. "It's no problem. Is Trevor here yet?"

Amelia looked at the cars near the door and smiled when she found Trevor's car. "Yeah, it is. Thank you, Thorne," She said with a smile. He nodded in reply, which was Amelia's signal to go over to the car. She opened the passenger door and got in the car. "Hey Trevvy," Amelia said with a smile.

"Hey, how'd school go?" Trevor asked as he began driving.

"It was good, boring though," Amelia said. Trevor began driving into town, earning a questioning look from Amelia. "Uh Trevor, why are we going in to town? Home's the opposite way," Amelia said.

"I need to get some things from the hardware store and then I figured we could get complementary first-day-back milkshakes," He said with a smile. Amelia smiled and nodded, content with his answer. Amelia rolled down her window and watched as the small town rolled by.

Trevor picked up his things from the hardware store, then the two drove to the little malt shop. The interior was decorated to be fifties-style, which Amelia loved. They played old music quietly in the background, also to Amelia's delight. The two ordered shakes and talked about their summers for what felt like hours. Once their treats were gone, they got back in the car where Trevor drove Amelia back to her house.

Amelia walked into her house, greeting an empty room. She quietly sighed and walked into her bedroom. Her mom had obviously been to the house at one point in the day, but she wasn't going to return home until late that night. It wasn't unusual to go for days without seeing her mom for more than an hour, she was always leaving early and coming home late.

Knowing that it wouldn't do her any good to complain, Amelia made herself a bowl of cereal for dinner. It's not that she didn't know how to cook anything more intricate than cereal, she just didn't want to. Once she was finished with her food, she walked into the bathroom and began to run a bath. After mixing in the appropriate amount of bath salts and set the right amount of dried flower petals on top, Amelia dimmed the lights and got in the tub.

In the past couple of years, Amelia gained a deep appreciation for baths, it seemed it had been the only safe spot to think at her last house. She put her hair in a bun on the top of her head and carefully scrubbed off the thick foundation on her neck. Amelia then set her head on the tub and sank in as she began to think.

So today was interesting. Thinking had always seemed odd to Amelia. Well, really she had a hard time with it and not making it seem as though she was narrating a book. Hopefully this year is better than last. Well, of course it will. He isn't here. At this school, I actually have people. Trevor, and... well, maybe I can mix Nate, Everett and Thorne into that mix. Oh, and James.


What are we going to do about him? Amelia began to feel herself blush. He was so... intoxicating. But you can't go and just make out with people in band rooms. Don't make those band-kid stereotypes true, Amelia. I can't help it though. He's so... I don't know. His big blue eyes, curly blonde hair, and oh that smirk of his...

But you shouldn't be getting involved with anyone this soon after the last incident. Besides, he's not the only boy in the school. Everett already wrapped his arm around you and Thorne was nice.

Amelia's eyes shot open and she looked over at the pile of clothes on the floor and remembered Thorne's number in the back pocket of the pants. She smiled and sunk back into the tub, leaving Future Amelia to text him.

After a while of soaking and thinking, golden sunlight began to shine through the window. Knowing it was time to get out, Amelia began to drain the tub and wrapped a towel around her wet form. After drying off a little, she applied a coat of moisturizer, gathered her things and walked into her room.  She carefully hung the towel on a hook and put on her favorite pair of satin pajamas.

Amelia had nothing else to do the rest of the night, other than sleep. And that's what she did. 


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