With A Swing

Amelia is new to a small school in small town with nothing to guide her but her cousin, Trevor. When an old court case gets brought up again, will Amelia be able to handle all the stress? Read on to find out.


3. Chapter Three

Early the next morning, Amelia’s alarm went off on her phone. She groaned quietly and turned it off and begrudgingly got out of her bed. She had a certain schedule for school mornings, one morning you sleep in and the next you get up early, shower, stretch, then leave for school. This morning was the early morning. Wiping the sleep out of her eyes, she walked into the bathroom and got into the shower. She started the shower and a cold sheet of water poured over her. Not expecting the cold water, she gasped and jumped back. Once she got the water up to the appropriate temperature, she did the things she needed to do.

Once she had finished showering, she wrapped a towel around herself and walked back into her room. Amelia picked out her outfit for the day and set it on the bed, then carefully took the towel off of her and began to scrunch her hair until it was almost dry. Before she was going to get ready to stretch, she opened her curtains and looked at the blue sky, the sun not risen yet. After digging through a box of clothes, she pulled out a pair of leggings and a loose shirt. Amelia got dressed into the leggings and shirt, then rolled out her mat that she used for stretching and began to stretch. She did stretches for her hips, neck, calved, arms and so on.

The sun began to rise and the sky became beautiful shades of pink, orange and purple. Amelia smiled and got up from her mat, changed out of the leggings and shirt, then put on the tight, black bodysuit she was going to wear for the day on. She loved wearing the bodysuit, mainly because it reminded her of the leotards she had to wear for ballet when she was younger. Amelia turned to look in her mirror and smiled at herself, then set her hand on her desk and did a side extension. With her leg fully above her head, she carefully took her hand off the desk and grabbed her leg to stretch it more. Amelia’s mom carefully opened the door and stuck her head in the door and smiled tiredly at Amelia.

“Hi, love,” She said, sleep in her speech. Amelia blushed brightly and put her foot back down on the floor.

“Hey mom. What’s up?” Amelia asked.

“I just came to see if you were awake,” She said. Amelia nodded and sat on her bed. “Do you want anything to drink with breakfast, darling?” Her mother asked softly.

“Can you make some coffee? French roast, please. What are we having for breakfast?” Amelia asked as she began to carefully comb through her hair with her fingers.

“Blueberry muffins, the recipie you like,” Her mother replied.

“The ones with greek yogurt in them?” Amelia asked with a smile. Her mom smiled and nodded. “Sweet,” Amelia finished. Her mother smiled at her once more and walked out of the room.

The relationship between Amelia and her mother was certainly an interesting one. Amelia trusted her mother more than anyone else, and her mother trusted Amelia in the same sense. Despite the strong trust between them, Amelia had a difficult time with telling her mother anything that was happening in her life. It was partly from the absence of her mother and partly because Amelia just didn’t like to talk about herself to her mother. Amelia’s mother knew that Amelia didn’t tell her much, but she told Amelia practically everything that was going on in her life, at times too much. They took care of each other, both switching between who made the meals at the house, taking care of the other if they were sick or injured. It was just the two of them now so they didn’t really have a choice but to interact, whenever the mom was home of of course.

Amelia put on a pair of blue jeans that hugged her nicely, put on a light jacket that felt as though the fabric was swimming on her and sat in front of her vanity. Not switching from her normal routine, she did her makeup as she did every other day. She then sprayed a bit of perfume, grabbed her backpack and walked out to the kitchen.

Her mother was taking the muffins out of the oven when Amelia walked into the room. Amelia carefully walked around her mother and grabbed a cup of coffee that had been waiting for her on the counter, then walked over to their table and sat down. Her mother took the muffins out of the pan and set them onto a tray. After waiting a couple minutes for the muffins to cool, her mother carefully brought the tray over to the table and set them in the middle of the table, next to the small vase of flowers. Amelia eagerly took a muffin and began to happily eat it.

A quiet sigh escaped her mother’s mouth and Amelia looked up at her. Her face was showing that she had something heavy on her shoulders. Amelia was about to ask what was wrong, then her mother opened her mouth and quietly said, “Jeremy contacted me yesterday.”

Amelia’s breath hitched, immediately paling. “What?” Amelia quietly asked her mother. Her mother nodded and looked down.

“He came by the firm yesterday, I had no choice,” Her mother added. Amelia nodded and waited for her mother to add more. “He um…” Her mother began quietly. “He asked me to repeal the restraint against Samuel,” She finished.

“What? Mom, you can’t,” Amelia began pleading. Tears began to pierce the edges of Amelia’s eyes and she looked to her mother, searching for some shred of hope.

“He was threatening me, Amelia. He told be that if I didn’t drop the restraint, he’d get his lawyers to sue me for reimbursement on our last house. We could be out thousands if I don’t drop it, Amelia,” Her mother explained.

Amelia looked down at the table, silent tears falling down on to the table. After a couple of moments, she nodded and quietly said that she understands. Her mom tightly hugged her and Amelia hugged back, quietly crying into her shoulder. “Why can’t t-they just… Go away and leave us alone for good…?” Amelia quietly asked as she cried into her shoulder.

“They’re bad and selfish people who only want good for themselves,” Her mother explained as she gently rubbed Amelia’s back. They stayed like this for a while, Amelia in her mother’s arms and her mother comforting her. After a couple minutes, Amelia pulled away and carefully wiped her eyes off with a napkin. “If you need to stay home today, I understand,” Her mother soothingly told Amelia.

Amelia forced a small smile and nodded. “Thank you Mom, but I think I’m gonna go to school today. Get my mind off of this, you know?” She responded. Her mom nodded and took a sip of her coffee. Amelia explained that she was going to fix her makeup and she walked off to her room. Moments after she finished fixing the smudges, Trevor pulled into the driveway. Amelia quickly threw on a pair of shoes and walked back out to the living room, bid her mother goodbye and walked out to Trevor’s car.

She got in the passenger seat and sat in silence. Trevor looked at her with concern. “Amelia?” he quietly asked. Amelia looked at him in response. “Are you alright?” He asked again quietly.

Amelia looked down at her feet as she felt the tears stinging the edges of her eyes. “Jeremy is making my mom drop the restraining order against Sam,” She quietly replied, barely audible. Trevor frowned.

“What? How can he even ask to do that? What Sam did to you was absolutely terrible. Hell, he should be in jail for what he did to you,” Trevor angrily said. Amelia looked down and nodded again, tears falling on to her lap. Trevor opened his mouth again to add to his statement, but stopped when he saw how upset Amelia was about all this. He carefully wrapped his arms around Amelia and gently rubbed her side. “It’ll be okay, Amelia,” Trevor said, trying to comfort Amelia. She nodded once again and leaned against Trevor.

“We’re going to be late for school,” Amelia quietly said. Trevor nodded and pulled away from her. “And I know it’ll be okay, Sam has no way of knowing where we are. Besides, we’re states away. I doubt he’s going to try to see me,” Amelia said as she chose a quiet music station.

Trevor began driving the two of them to school. Most of the ride was silent, except for what Trevor said last. “Amelia, if he does try to contact you, call me right away. Please,” He said, breaking the silence. Amelia nodded in reply and kept her eyes forward on the road as Trevor drove to school.


Word Count: 1,503 



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