With A Swing

Amelia is new to a small school in small town with nothing to guide her but her cousin, Trevor. When an old court case gets brought up again, will Amelia be able to handle all the stress? Read on to find out.


4. Chapter Four

Trevor pulled into his spot in the parking lot, then turned off the car. Amelia sighed and composed herself. “Are you ready to go in?” Trevor asked, turning his attention to Amelia.

Amelia nodded and smiled at him. “Yeah, I am,” She said reassuringly. Trevor smiled at her and got out of the car, grabbed his bag and began walking into the school. Amelia followed suit and walked into the school with her cousin.

The halls were filled with people of all grades. Trevor and Amelia carefully moved their way across the cafeteria, then down to their hall. As they were waking up, Amelia’s eyes couldn’t help but to go to James and that girl again. This girl was flirting with him, it was obvious. Amelia walked up to where her locker would be but quickly realized that James was standing directly in front of it.

She stood there and reached out to move him aside. James looked down, raised an eyebrow then smiled at her. “Hey, Amelia,” He said with his grin. She gave a quiet ‘hey’ back and looked at her locker, which he was still standing in front of. “Oh crap, is this your locker?” He asked, looking behind him. She nodded in reply. James quickly stepped out of the way and ran a hand through his hair, embarrassed. “Sorry about that. Jenny here was just leaving. That should clear up the space now,” He said with a smile. The girl who Amelia now knew as ‘Jenny’ scowled, rolled her eyes and walked away.

Amelia quickly opened her locker and kept her face hidden from James. She couldn’t help but to feel anything except absolutely sick to her stomach. Seeing James and that girl made her upset for reasons she couldn’t come to term with yet. Amelia quickly grabbed the things she’d need for her first class, slammed the door to her locker shut and quickly walked over to Trevor.

James followed after her, calling her name. He felt terrible about making her upset and wanted to apologize, but Amelia was very upset with him. Trevor was talking to Thorne as he was organizing his locker, then smiled at Amelia. “Hey, find your locker alright?” He asked, turning to her.

Amelia forced a smile and nodded. “Mhmm, it’s really close to James’ locker,” She said trying to sound like she was okay with this fact. She didn’t really know what kind of person he was. He was obviously a flirt and he was ready and willing to make out with a girl he knew nothing about. This fact bugged Amelia but she couldn’t  help herself, he was intoxicating to her. She found herself thinking about their kiss, she couldn’t get it out of her head.

“Oh sweet,” Trevor replied happily. “This is Thorne, by the way,” Trevor added. Amelia gave Thorne a genuine smile and nodded.

“I know, we met yesterday. Though I do have to say that we didn’t really meet, It was more like I  almost threw him to the ground after I bumped into him,” Amelia said with a small laugh.

“Hey, we did have the tour together, too,” He replied, returning the smile she was giving him. Amelia smiled more and nodded towards him, feeling a warm feeling in her heart.

“That we did,” She replied, looking into Thorne’s eyes for a brief moment before quickly looking away and blushing. Trevor looked between the two of them and frowned a bit.

“So, Amelia, what class do you have first?” Trevor asked, breaking the brief silence between the two.

“Uh, I have…” Amelia paused  second to think, causing Thorne to smile more at her. “Pre-calc,” She finally answered. Trevor smiled and nodded.

“Hey, my class is right across the hall from that,” Thorne said. Amelia smiled at him. “I’ll bring you if you’d like,” He added.

“I’d love that,” Amelia said happily. “I’ll see you later, Trevvy,” Amelia finished as she turned down the hall. Thorne began walking and Amelia followed.

“So how’re you?” Thorne asked as they were walking.

“Uh,” Amelia quietly began. She was quite honestly flabbergasted by his question. How was she? Well, she was actually feeling terrible. Between the restraining order and James, her day was not going well. “I’m fine, and yourself?” She asked with a smile.

“Good, but tired,” Thorne replied.

“Tired? Stay up all night thinkin’ about me?” Amelia asked with a small smirk. Immediately after saying this, Amelia began to regret everything. She shouldn’t be saying things like this, even if Thorne was being… so incredibly sweet to Amelia- which was very unlike past men in her life.  

Thorne smiled, laughed a bit and ran a hand through his hair. “No, but I couldn’t get you off my mind this morning when I saw you walk in,” He flirted back, looking at her. Amelia smiled and laughed a bit as she felt the bright blush spread across her face. “Yesterday I was painting until nearly eight downtown, and I didn’t get home until, like, eight-thirty,” He explained.

“Painting downtown?” Amelia asked, dropping the flirting.

A big grin came across his face and nodded. “Yup, I asked the village board and they allowed me to turn this little alley and then the business right next to that allowed me to paint on their wall. It’s a totally public thing though, not just for me,” He explained happily.

“Oh my gosh, that’s awesome!” Amelia happily responded. “This sounds weird, but can I go down there with you the next time you go down there?” She asked, a small blush coming across her face.

“Heck yeah, that’d be awesome,” He said as he walked up to the door of the classroom. “Well, here’s your class,” He finished, looking down at Amelia.

“Thorne?” Amelia asked as that blush began to spread across her face again. He smiled and raised an eyebrow, silently telling her to go on. “Can you come in the classroom with me?” She asked shyly, looking up at him with only her eyes. He smiled back at her and gently set a hand on her side and began to nod. “I mean, I know you just can’t handle being without me, me being so amazing and all,” She said with sarcasm as she walked into the class with a bright smile directed to the blushing boy.

He smiled, laughed and followed her into the room. “You know me well,” Thorne said as he ran a hand through his hair. Amelia noticed he did this when he started to blush, it was cute in her mind. Thorne followed her into the room and helped her find her seat, then sat in the desk that sat ahead of Amelia’s.

Amelia looked at the board in front of her and read over the names that meant nothing to her. “I know no one in this class,” Amelia said quietly, giving a small laugh at the end of her statement.

“That is one of the downsides to being a new student,” Thorne said, looking to the front of the board. “No worries though, you’ve got Grace here,” He said as he patted the desk he was sitting in. “Then Jenny behind you, then Carter and James to your sides,” He finished explaining.

“James is the only one I know of those, other than that none of those names mean anything to me, Thorne,” Amelia said with a small laugh, trying to hide her dissatisfaction at the fact that James would be seated next to her.

“True, true. Grace is pretty cool and Jenny’s well… interesting. Carter and Emma are chill, I don’t know too much about them though,” Thorne explained. Amelia smiled and nodded towards him. “So, I should probably go now, there’s Grace now,” He said as his eyes went to the back of the room. Thorne stood up as a girl with long, blonde hair that went down to the middle of her back walked up to them. She smiled at Thorne and then smiled at Amelia.

“Hi,” She said with a small smile to Amelia. She smiled back and gave a small hi.

“I’m gonna go to my class now, I’ll see you later,”  Thorne said as he began to walk out of the room, his hand running across the desk, then gently brushing her hand. Amelia blushed and turned her head, watching him as he walked out of the room.

“So, I’m Grace,” Grace said, looking to Amelia’s turned head.

“Oh, uh,” Amelia said as she quickly turned to Grace and blushed brightly. “I’m Amelia,” She finished with a smile sitting across her face.

“Nice to meet you. You’re Trevor’s cousin, right?” She asked.

“That I am. I really should just have a name tag that says ‘Trevor’s Cousin’,” Amelia said with a small laugh. James walked into the class and sat in the desk next to her and smiled at Amelia.

“He’s chill so it’s definitely not a bad thing people know you as his cousin,” Grace said reassuringly. Amelia smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Do you guys know when class starts?” James asked, looking at the two girls. Grace smiled and laughed a bit, then shook her head.

“It starts in, like, three minutes, James,” Grace said to the impatient boy with a smile. He smiled and nodded. Amelia turned her head the other way, trying to ignore James.

Much to Amelia’s displeasure, James leaned over and gently tapped Amelia’s shoulder. She turned to him with a look of disdain. “Can I talk to you after class?” He quietly asked her. Amelia thought for a moment and then nodded.

“As long as you lead the way tp where you want to talk,” She replied, turning he head to the front of the classroom. He sat back in his desk with satisfaction and waited for the class to start. Not long after, students began to file into the class and the teacher walked up to the front of class.

He handed out a couple papers, told corny jokes, and did a couple of ice-breakers. Before Amelia knew it, the class was over. The students quickly rose and rushed out of the classroom, eager to get to breakfast.

After the few seconds it took for most of the class to file out, James stood, then looked at Amelia who was gathering her things. Once her things were gathered, she turned and looked at him. “Lead the way,” She said with a small smile. In all actuality, Amelia was looking forward to talking to him. Class had put her in a good mood, she was ready to hear him out.

Though she wasn’t going to admit it, she secretly hoped he would take her to the band locker room again.

James smiled brightly at her and walked out of the class and down an empty hallway and stopped. Amelia stood next to him and carefully leaned against the lockers. “Amelia?” James quietly asked. Amelia looked up at him in response. “Are you upset with me because of Jenny?”

Amelia’s breath hitched and she looked off to the side, then up at him and nodded. “It’s just…” Se began, letting out a sigh she didn’t realize she had been holding in. “After what happened yesterday, I just figured you were interested in me, I guess,” She quietly admitted.

“I am,” James said, leaning down to her height and setting a hand on Amelia’s shoulder. Amelia shrugged and looked down.

“Jenny doesn’t seem to know that,” Amelia said, looking at his hand.

“Look, Jenny just… has a crush. I don’t want her,” James said, practically pleading with Amelia. She shook her head and carefully stepped away from him. “Please, Amelia. I’m sorry,” James said again, grabbing her shoulder.

“No, James. I’m not ready for something like this,” Amelia said sharply, pulling away from him. Before he could say anything more, she quickly walked to the hall with their lockers. Trevor was standing at his locker and smiled at her, then frowned when he saw she was upset. Amelia walked past him and quickly went to her locker, opened it and slung her things into her backpack. By this time, Trevor had gotten over to her and was looking at her with concern.

“Amelia, what’s wrong?” Trevor quietly asked. James walked over to his locker with his head hanging low, looking like a kicked puppy. Amelia quickly glanced at James, then back to Trevor.

“I’ll tell you later, not now. Okay?” She said, keeping her voice quiet. Trevor looked between the two and nodded.

“Let’s go to band,” He said, turning to walk into the band room. Amelia followed and put on a smile. She grabbed her sax and sat in the spot she had been told to sit in and began to put her instrument together. People began to file in and talk amongst themselves, to their friends. Amelia quietly sighed, realizing her only connection who was currently in the room was Trevor, who was currently talking to another trumpet player.

Across the room, in the clarinet section, a girl was looking at her and gently biting her lip. Amelia smiled at her, the girl blushed brightly and quickly turned away. Amelia smiled to herself and stood up, stretched and walked over to the water fountain. She got a drink, then when she turned she saw Grace enter the room.

Amelia smiled brightly and walked over to her. “I didn’t know you were in band,” Grace said with a smile.

“Heck yeah, dude. Tenor sax is my calling,” Amelia said with a small laugh. “What do you play?” She asked, looking to Grace.

“Percussion,” Grace said with a nod. Amelia smiled and nodded. “Hey, wanna meet my sister? I wanna introduce you to as many people I can,” Grace said as she smiled.

“Sweet, I’m down,” Amelia said. Grace walked across the band room to the clarinet section. Amelia followed and stopped next to Grace as she stood in front of the girl who had been looking at her earlier. The girl looked up at her sister, then at Amelia and blushed.

“Uh, hey Grace,” The girl said with uncertainty.

“Hey, this is Amelia. And Amelia, this is my little sister, Olivia,” Grace introduced the two.

“Hey, Olivia. I’ve always loved that name,” Amelia said to the girl with a smile. Olivia just blushed and nodded in reply. Interrupting the conversation, the bell wrang which meant they were supposed to go to their seats. Amelia said goodbye to the sisters, then walked over to her seat and sat down.

The rest of band was spent getting marching band music, then going outside to practice. Amelia discovered there was another tenor sax player, his name was Theodore. He preferred to be called Teddy, however. Once band ended, Amelia went to her study-hall with Trevor. After that, the day passed quickly and Amelia found herself walking back out to Trevor’s car, alone.

With a quiet sigh, she got in the passenger seat and waited for Trevor to come. After a few minutes, Trevor walked up to the car and got in the driver’s seat. “So, how was your first real day of school?” He asked with a smile. Amelia smiled and looked at him tiredly.

“It was good, but I’m exhausted,” She said with a smile. Trevor smiled and laughed quietly, then began to drive.

“Hey, so are you gonna join jazz? You should play bass for it, you’re good,” Trevor asked, looking to her. Amelia looked down and shrugged.

“You know I don’t have my bass anymore, right? It wasn’t really mine in the first place,” Amelia quietly reminded him. Trevor nodded and tilted his head to the side a bit and let out a quiet ‘oh yeah’.

“Hey, so what was up with you and James earlier?” Trevor asked as her was driving.

“Oh uh, it was nothing,” Amelia quickly said. Trevor looked at her briefly, giving her the ‘we all know that isn’t true’ look. “Okay, fine. He was apologizing to me for flirting with Jenny and I told him that I didn’t wanna be with him,” Amelia admitted.

Trevor frowned at this. “James asked you out? Why did he think you wanted to go out with him anyway?” He said, frustration on his voice. Amelia looked out the window and shrugged. “Did something happen between you two?” Trevor asked as he pulled up to a stop light. Amelia’s eyes fell to her lap, avoiding her cousin’s harsh gaze. He sharply said her name, which made her eyes snap up to him.

“Yes, Trevor. Something did happen,” Amelia snapped. She hated when Trevor got like this, but she knew he was just being protective. He asked her what happened and she turned her neck, then pulled down he collar of her jacket and showed him the hickey. He frowned and drove the rest of the way to her house in an uncomfortable silence. Once he pulled up to her house, she quickly got out and walked into the empty house.

    ------------- Word Count: 2,841

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