The Woman of Darkness A gothic novel

Jennifer Shaffer is a woman who loses her husband, Richard, in a car accident in Los Angeles, California. When she decides to leave for Tennessee to start again, she meets another man. But, when she has dreams of Richard returning from the grave, Jennifer's sanity shatters.


7. Tennessee-Part 6


Jennifer stared at the pictures on the walls. She turned on the light. "You can see the rest of the rooms", she said. Mitch gazed at her. "It's a bit creepy", he told her. "Yes, it is. This house was Richard's gift to me. His dream was to satisfy his own family that I would be a grateful new wife who obeyed her husband", she said. "Obeyed him. A marriage is between two people who are equals", Mitch stated. Jennifer nodded. "Obeying someone who has everything fascinated me. It was my choice to do so; it was comforting​ to me to be free of any kind of decisions. But when Richard died, ​had to be in his shoes". Mitch looked around. "I don't want us to fight". Jennifer glanced at him. "It's not about any kind of fighting. This house is my house", Jennifer said. She pointed at the dim hallway with her left, middle, finger. And, as the thunder boomed outside, Mitch had the feeling that he was someone who was a substitute for Jennifer's dead husband.


Mitch heard the sound of a police car zooming outside. "I think that I won't be the here tomorrow". Jennifer looked at him. "I'm sorry that I'm a burden to you, Mitch". He stood by her. "I'm ​not...Look, maybe it was too soon to be involved with a stranger". Jennifer kissed him. "Have a look around, and then you can sleep on the sofa in the lounge room". Mitch nodded. And then he slept peacefully. 


​Jennifer awoke. She was anxious to dream of a better future. She was about to change in her bedroom when the lights went out. Mitch opened his eyes, scared. "I'll get some candles", she said. She grabbed a flashlight in the darkness. When she held it in her right hand, she re-focused her attention on the door. She opened it. Then she focused on the lounge room. Mitch saw her. "The power will be back on soon". He shuddered. And he knew that the trouble that he was experiencing was real. 


Jennifer felt the idea that she was being watched had interfered in her mind. She wasn't paranoid; she was sensing something was amiss. Mitch was yawning. He checked his watch. By 9:30 PM, the darkness had added mixed with the beginning of the violent storm. Bright shards of glass that was on the windows illuminated the dark house; more glass shone as the lights went on shortly thereafter. Jennifer shuddered. Finally, by ten-thirty PM, the lights were back on. And the nightmares began.

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