The Woman of Darkness A gothic novel

Jennifer Shaffer is a woman who loses her husband, Richard, in a car accident in Los Angeles, California. When she decides to leave for Tennessee to start again, she meets another man. But, when she has dreams of Richard returning from the grave, Jennifer's sanity shatters.


6. Tennessee-Part 5


Markham House was over three hundred years' old. Jennifer saw the steel-grey picture of a lion's head that formed as the front door knocker; the raging beast was eerily silent. "Fearsome isn't he", she said to Mitch. "Yes, I'm glad he isn't going to growl", he said. She grabbed the keys which were underneath the light brown "WELCOME​", mat. She then walked up the stone steps that led to the front door. She opened the door, and went inside. Mitch shuddered in the cold night air. What have I gotten myself into​, he thought to himself. Then he noticed the swaying trees. He wasn't sure that something terrifying would happen to him when he was with Jennifer. He blinked his green eyes. Nearby were the old swinging seats that were a favourite play time for children. He was about to go in the house, when he saw Jennifer waving at him. "Come on, Mitch. You have to see the house before you see the ancient fireplace that's in the massive lounge room". He smiled awkwardly. Then he raced inside, as dark clouds hovered above the bedrooms...and thunder boomed in the evening sky. 


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