The Woman of Darkness A gothic novel

Jennifer Shaffer is a woman who loses her husband, Richard, in a car accident in Los Angeles, California. When she decides to leave for Tennessee to start again, she meets another man. But, when she has dreams of Richard returning from the grave, Jennifer's sanity shatters.


5. Tennessee-Part 4


Jennifer savoured her meal. Mitch, who was slightly older than Richard, grinned at her. "I can drive you to the house if you like before I begin the night shift at the Airport". She shook her head. "I don't want...". He smiled. "You won't be bothering me, Jennifer". By seven o'clock PM, they were drinking their warm coffees. "I'll pay for dinner", she said. Mitch laughed. "Dinner's on me". He took out his VISA card. And, as he paid, Jennifer blushed. She hadn't imagined a random stranger would attend to her needs. She was eager to live in the house by herself. Markham House spooked a lot of people. She left the Restaurant with Mitch. "My car's this way in the 'RESERVED SECTION'". Jennifer gasped at the 2001 black Porsche car. "It comes with the million-dollar job I get paid; it is why the stockholders are happy", Mitch said. He smiled, then he opened the driver's-side door. He pressed a button. Then the passenger-side door opened. Jennifer got in, and put her seat belt on. She closed the door. Mitch put his seat belt on. Then the door closed behind him. He drove out of the Airport, and onto the busy Highway. "Markham House is two hours' away", Jennifer said. Mitch grinned. "I'll let Al Zachariah, my boss, know that I'll be working tomorrow morning at six o'clock AM, tomorrow". Jennifer nodded. "I don't want you to be inconvenienced by my problems". Mitch laughed. "No. It's been too long since I was spending the night with a woman". He concentrated on the road. He headed towards Al's Gas Station​. "You can go to the Ladies' Restroom while I get gas for the car". Jennifer smiled. She opened the passenger's-side door. She then let Mitch grip the gas nozzle in his right hand. By eight o'clock PM, they were nearly at the house. He then walked through the double doors, and paid for the gas. Jennifer opened the restroom door after she washed her hands, and headed towards the Porsche. Mitch walked to the car. "Let's go, Jennifer". She nodded, as he drove to the house half an hour later.

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