The Woman of Darkness A gothic novel

Jennifer Shaffer is a woman who loses her husband, Richard, in a car accident in Los Angeles, California. When she decides to leave for Tennessee to start again, she meets another man. But, when she has dreams of Richard returning from the grave, Jennifer's sanity shatters.


4. Tennessee-Part 3


Jennifer saw a waitress serving lunch. She enjoyed her steak and vegetables on a black tray. And an orange juice on the right side. "If you need anything, let me know". She finished her meal. Afterwards, she watched a movie, and relaxed. Afterwards, she fell asleep. Six hours' later, as the darkness arrived in Tennessee, Jennifer saw the bright lights of the city dim in the freezing, night, air.


The plane touched down at the Tennessee Airport at 6:26 PM. Jennifer was nervous. She relaxed as she undid her seat belt. She grabbed her luggage from the upward compartment. As she disembarked, she smiled at the flight attendants, then travelled down the halls that led to the restrooms. She was hungry. By 6:30 PM, she headed to the Tennessee Airport Restaurant. Suddenly, as she was seated, she saw a man smiling at her. "Travelling isn't fun". Jennifer blinked her eyes. "It is when you're alone", she said. He nodded. "I'm Mitch Harris. I'm the owner of the Restaurant". Jennifer nodded. "I'm Jennifer. I was going to dinner". Mitch smiled at her. "I see you're not married". She shivered. "I lost my husband, Richard, three year's ago in a car accident. I prefer not to talk about it". Mitch nodded. "If you prefer to be alone...". She smiled. "Please take a seat". Mitch nodded. Then he looked at the menu. "The steak is good". She waved a waitress, and they ordered together.


Mitch watched Jennifer.

"I don't usually chat up women. My wife, Lisa, died last year from a heart attack. She was thirty-five. It was sudden. And heart breaking. We were married for four years. We didn't have any children because of our jobs. I worked at the Airport; she worked as a librarian. We saved up for a house. But her death ended all hope of having children. In short, I was like that guy from the book '​Airport​'. I lived through my job; I hadn't had any time for dates". Jennifer looked at him. "Richard and I met at New York college. It was love at first sight. His death ruined my relationship with his parents. They froze me out of their lives; they ignored me. Tennessee is a city of hope. A new beginning for me", she said. Mitch listened intently. "We'll, since this is our first unofficial date, I hope to see you soon. Are you staying anywhere in Tennessee?", Mitch asked. "The Markham House. 1235 Jacobson Road. It's Richard's vacation house. It was owned by Lord Harold Markham in the nineteen twenties when he was in America, with his wife, Lady Francine Markham, and their five children. It's a gothic looking house that's been empty for awhile. He wanted me to see it before his untimely death". Mitch nodded. Before he was about to say anything, their dinner was served.

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