The Woman of Darkness A gothic novel

Jennifer Shaffer is a woman who loses her husband, Richard, in a car accident in Los Angeles, California. When she decides to leave for Tennessee to start again, she meets another man. But, when she has dreams of Richard returning from the grave, Jennifer's sanity shatters.


2. Tennessee-Part 1


​Three year's later....

​The accident was a distant memory. Richard was gone....dead. She had seen the coldness of his parents; she had dreamed of a future with him. Marriage....children...a house. Everything. And, now, the doctors and nurses were smiling at her. ​"It's alright, Jennifer. You'll live. It wasn't Richard's fault; it was Earl Christian's fault....​". She hadn't remembered the truck driver's name. She had descended into her own private hell; she had dreamed of death. And she was now alive. "I have a second chance at life", she told the thirty year old nurse. Then she was dressed in her blue jeans, black Metallica T-shirt, red socks, and light brown shoes on her feet. "It's going to be fine, Jennifer. A lot of people have been hurt because of the accident; a lot of people don't known why ​things have happened. Richard died because he was distracted. You were too". Jennifer cried. "We were going to the motel; we were two miles' away". She wanted the nurse to care. She hadn't seen her own parents who were in Mississippi; she was sure they would see their daughter by now. "Once the paperwork's done, you can be on your way". Jennifer, who had packed her luggage, smelled the hospital smell. She saw a woman was wrapped in white bandages that were around her right thigh to prevent infection. She was relieved to think that she would be leaving soon. Jennifer gripped onto her luggage with her right hand. She went through the "​EMERGENCY​" doors. By three o'clock in the cold afternoon, a swirling breeze that came from the north, blew leaves across Jennifer's face. She was irritated by the weather. Nearby were several yellow taxis in their silvery stalls. "Taxi! I'd like to go to the airport". She saw a man in his early forties smile at her. "No problem, lady". And she gave him a fifty dollar note from her black purse, then opened the passenger-side door. The driver opened the boot, then placed her luggage in it. Once he did so, he closed it. Then he drove the taxi towards the airport, and was glad for the fare.


The airport was busy. 

Jennifer hid away her tears.

"Are you okay, Miss?", the taxi driver asked concernedly.

"I lost my future husband, Richard, in a car accident in 2014. I have been in hospital for three years in recovery. It's been a long time to move on with my life. Tennessee is my salvation. I'm Jennifer". The taxi driver nodded. "Ramon. Now, if you need my phone number, here it is. And I can pick you up from the airport so you can have a flight back to Los Angeles". Jennifer nodded. "Thank you. I need to go now. Good bye!". And Ramon smiled, and saw her go through the glass doors. He then received a new call. After he left, Jennifer watched him go. She took a long, deep, breath. Then she walked to the Customs Section. She showed the officers her valid passport. "One ticket to Tennessee, please", she told an African-American woman who was watching a computer. "Seven hundred dollars". Jennifer paid for the ticket with her MasterCard. Once it was processed, she smiled. Then she headed to Gate number 6. Two flight attendants checked her ticket. "Have a nice flight". Jennifer sat down in her seat, put her seat belt on, and relaxed for the first time in a long time. By Midday, the white 767 plane lifted off, and headed to Tennessee.

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