The Fallen Warrior

Nico is having trouble making friends but with a snap of his fingers he's got a best friend or girl friend?


2. Who are you?


he unfroze him self and walked slowly towards her. She didn't move a muscle. He stood a running distance from her. "What Do you Want?" She asked her voice hard.  "Just want to now if you believe in the gods?" He asked. it took her a long time to answer. So long maybe he should run away and leave her thinking he was crazy but then she spoke." Yes,I do believe in the gods" . She said. "Are you a child of Apollo?" He asked gesturing to her bow." Oh? Oh-Gods No, I'm a child of ____  Eris...." she said Aiming another arrow and hitting the target. Have you ever seen her?" He asked." Hmm.... Once or twice."she said."Once or twice?!" Nico said horrified."I supposed it different for you Child of Hades?" She Said taking her arrow out and reaming it. " How did you..." "Um your shirt Has A skull on it." She said rolling her eyes."Yea Gods! boy are so annoying" she muttered. She defiantly   talked like a demigod.

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