The Fallen Warrior

Nico is having trouble making friends but with a snap of his fingers he's got a best friend or girl friend?


4. Where's your humanity?!

Nico woke up his head still groggy. He saw Player's back turned to him. He still remebered the soft voice of her singing to him. She turned but didn't jump when she saw him not like other people." Good morning sleepy head!" She smiled." Where am I?" He asked." No questions deathboy drink the ambrosia." She ordered. " Jees your as bad as Bi--" he caught himself. She looked up "Who?" She asked. "No one."  He said sadly. He obeyed and drank the drink immediately feeling better." Thank you " he said. She surprised him by pecking him on the cheek. She smirked as he blushed." Sorry." She said turning away."Don't be." He said brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. She pulled away leaving him hanging." Hungry?" She said changing the topic." Uh yeah !" He said. He still felt the warmth of her soft baby lips on his cheek. He ate the grarlic bread she made with a bunch of other things  he couldn't pronounce but we're all absolutely delicious ! He stopped when he saw her swiping food from his plate."hey!" He playfully shoved her she playfully punch him.

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