The Fallen Warrior

Nico is having trouble making friends but with a snap of his fingers he's got a best friend or girl friend?


3. Friendship seeks

This girl was smart as hell.  He gulped." Have you been to camp Half-blood? " he asked she nearly accidentally shot him with one of her arrows." Whoa Shit!" He exclaimed." Yea gods!" She exclaimed." Are you okay?" She asked as she looked at the arrow that stuck out of his side. She ran to him and stroked his face." Hey, hey don't move!" She said in a voice you would say to a upset toddler. Nico groan as if to say," I'm not going anywhere!" She ignored him and picked him up. She wince as she carried him to a entrance to a home which he didn't notice before. She opens the door and layed him down on a cot where she gave him a pill that made him fall asleep. She took off his shirt to examine the arrow. She gripped it and yank it out on the count of 3. Nico snored on she smirked and threw away the bloody arrow. Then wrapped his pale chest in paper tape the kind used to make a cast. Pulling the blankets over him made from  animal skin like bear, she set a cup of ambrosia and felt the urges to kiss his cheek but thought better about it. She wasn't that type of girl and he was that type of boy.

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